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“I’ve told so many people that [Restaurant Guys Radio] is basically Car Talk for Food, and I mean that in the most positive way. I don’t know how often you guys listen to Car Talk but that’s quite a compliment.” >> Listen: hi | lo

--Charlie Trotter

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MP3 Available!"Top Chef" Harold Dieterle (6/2/2006): Harold Dieterle has been catapulted from obscurity to celebrity. A graduate of The Culinary Institute and formerly the Sous Chef at Tribeca's "The Harrison," Harold was named the "....>> More

MP3 Available!$64 Tomato (9/29/2006): Follow William Alexander through as he turns from a small time gardener to farmer. In his memoirs Alexander recounts all his hilarious experiences as he finds himself in a struggle with nature. Alexan....>> More

MP3 Available!Absinthe (8/2/2006): Up until recently in New York State one could only produce spirits after the purchase of a $50,000 industrial license. Now you can get a license for $1450 that allows you to produce up to 35,000 gallo....>> More

MP3 Available!Adam Perry Lang of Daisy May's BBQ (12/18/2006): Adam Perry Lang has been on the foodie circuit for quite some time, with stints at Le Cirque, Daniel, and Chanterelle. He is now the proud owner of Daisy Mays BBQ USA located on 11th Ave in NYC. He jo....>> More

MP3 Available!Adam Perry Lang Returns (5/9/2007): Adam Perry Lang has been on the foodie circuit for quite some time, with stints at Le Cirque, Daniel, and Chanterelle. He is now the proud owner of Daisy Mays BBQ USA and the Executive Chef of Robert&....>> More

Adam Seger (11/29/2006): Adam Seger is the General Manager and Sommelier of Chicago's Nuevo Latino restaurant, Nacional 27. He's a leader in a new movement of mixology that is bridging the gap between the bar and the....>> More

MP3 Available!Adele Douglass (2/3/2006): Humane Farm Animal Care is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide viable, credible, duly monitored standards for humane food protection and ensuring consumers that certified products me....>> More

Advertising to Kids (7/29/2005): Did you know that the FTC has no regulations or guidelines pertaining to advertising to children? Restrictions were removed in 1980. So the FTC can regulate advertising to adults but does not have any....>> More

MP3 Available!Aki Kamozawa (3/14/2011): Aki Kamozawa, co-author of Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work joins Mark and Francis to discuss the science behind recipes and why bread rises, how to make sauces have a certain mouthfeel,....>> More

MP3 Available!Alan Brown (6/8/2007): Alan Brown is the recipient of many writing awards, including National Endowment for the Arts, Fulbright, and New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships, and the Pacific Rim Book Prize. His award-w....>> More

MP3 Available!Alan Richman (5/22/2008): Alan Richman is a contributing writer for GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, and Bon Appetit, as well as the Dean of Food Journalism at the French Culinary Institute. He joins us today to discuss his recent a....>> More

MP3 Available!Alard Tardi (1/23/2007): Alan Tardi began his career at Chantrelle and then Lafayette. In 1992 he opened up his restaurant Follonico, in New York City. The restaurant was praised for its Italian cooking. After the restaurant....>> More

Alaskan Morels and Operation Salami Drop (6/13/2005): Mike Brummer of Hobby's Delicatessen & Restaurant joined Mark and Francis to talk about "Operation Salami Drop" - a drive to send over 20,000 salamis to troops stationed with the 42n....>> More

MP3 Available!Aldo Sohm (10/22/2008): To say that Aldo Sohm knows wine is an understatement. The Austrian-born Sohm, who is currently the wine director at New York's Le Bernardin, was named the Best Sommelier in the world in May of th....>> More

MP3 Available!Allegra McEvedy (11/30/2011): Mark and Francis being the show with a discussion of spirits competitions and a spirit they recently tried blind and is now coming onto the market. Their guest is Allegra McEvedy, author of Bought, B....>> More

MP3 Available!Alpana Singh (11/14/2006): Alpana Singh is the director of wine and spirits for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. She is also the host of the Chicago-based television show, Check, Please! Ms. Singh became the youngest woman ....>> More

MP3 Available!American Caviar (7/25/2005): Have you heard of that new travel guide called Carnet? Mark and Francis think it's the most pretentious thing they have ever seen, surpassed only by the ridiculousness and foppery of its founders....>> More

Amy Meyer (3/14/2005): Amy Meyer came to wine as a second career and has made a stir blazing new trails. She has many great wines in her portfolio but of particular note are the extremely high quality Canadian wines, especi....>> More

MP3 Available!Amy Standen - Meatpaper (2/8/2008): Carnivores of the world unite: Meatpaper is a new magazine out of San Francisco that is getting a lot of buzz. The "Journal of Meat Culture" takes beef, pork, and all kinds of meat super-s....>> More

MP3 Available!Ana Sofia Joanes (7/5/2010): Fresh: The Movie Fresh, celebrates the farmers, thinkers, and business people across America who are reinventing our food system. Producer, Ana Sofia Joanes grew up in Switzerland, but attended coll....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrea Strong (1/9/2006): David Burke has gone over to the dark side. Mark tried his new flavor spray on air. Not real food. Not very tasty. Andrea Strong is a food writer and "eater". She contributes to the New Yo....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrea Strong (9/25/2006): Andrea Strong writes Articles for the New York Post, Bloomberg news and the New York Times. She co wrote "Sparks in the Kitchen" with Katy Sparks. Andrea is a well known and respected source....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrea Strong (5/1/2007): Andrea Strong writes Articles for the New York Post, Bloomberg news and the New York Times. She co wrote "Sparks in the Kitchen" with Katy Sparks. Andrea is a well known and respected source....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrea Strong - The New Strong Buzz (12/7/2006): Andrea Strong writes Articles for the New York Post, Bloomberg news and the New York Times. She co wrote "Sparks in the Kitchen" with Katy Sparks. Andrea is a well known and respected source....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrew Carmellini (12/4/2008): Andrew Carmellini has created an innovative new cookbook entitled 'Urban Italian: Simple Recipes & True Stories from a Life in Food' to go along with his innovative genre of Italian-Americ....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrew Knowlton (10/11/2007): The Iron Chef phenomenon began in Japan, and quickly grew into several syndicated shows and spinoffs. The latest Iron Chef reincarnation: Food Network's "New Next Iron Chef," set to de....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrew Smith (9/26/2012): Mark and Francis discuss Francis's recent brunch outing in New York. Their guest is Andrew Smith, author of American Tuna: The Rise and Fall of an Improbable Food. They discuss the history of tu....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrew Zimmern (6/11/2007): Andrew Zimmern is a food writer, dining columnist and restaurant critic, radio talk show host, TV personality-writer-producer, chef and teacher. Zimmern is an associate editor, food critic, and resta....>> More

MP3 Available!Andrew Zimmern (4/17/2008): Andrew Zimmern is currently the host (creator and co-producter )of 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern' the hit show on The Travel Channel. In addition he is a chef, teacher, former restaurant ....>> More

MP3 Available!Andy Sharpless (5/10/2006): A graduate of Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and the London School of Economics, Andy Sharpless was one of the founding managers of RealNetworks, the Seattle-based pioneer in the field of online....>> More

MP3 Available!Angela Miller (10/18/2010): The guys start the show by discussing the benefits of having cameras in the restaurant and how they've helped them to catch various misdeeds on camera, including a recent incident with some constr....>> More

Ania Catalano (4/21/2008): Ania Catalano, owner of The Gourmet Whole Foods Catering and Cooking School. She was diagnosed with hypoglycemia which led to her learning about agave nectar, an unrefined natural sweetener. Catalano ....>> More

MP3 Available!Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown (4/25/2013): Mark and Francis welcome Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown to the show to discuss their new book, The Deans of Drink, historic cocktails, cocktail museums, and how Europe is different from the US, not ....>> More

MP3 Available!Ann Rogers (6/27/2007): As an advocate in preserving the dining and drinking history of New Orleans, Ann Rogers created the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society, Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour, and Tales of....>> More

MP3 Available!Ann Tuennerman (7/3/2012): Mark and Francis discuss a recent slew of articles about cocktails from the New York Times food section, particularly an article about food and cocktail pairing. Their guest is Ann Tuennerman, founde....>> More

MP3 Available!Ann Tuennerman / Jim Weaver (6/24/2009): Ann Tuennerman is founder of the New Orleans based event, Tales of the Cocktail, which has celebrating the art of well-crafted cocktails since 2003. Ann's love of cocktails, cuisine, history and N....>> More

MP3 Available!Anne Mendelson (9/14/2009): The Guys start off the show with a discussion of Food Industry's "Health Choices" program (hardly). They then welcome Anne Mendelson, Author of The Surprising Story of Milk Through the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Annie Wayte (6/30/2006): In Keep It Seasonal, acclaimed chef Annie Wayte shows cooks that ingredients that are truly fresh, local, and in season are better tasting and better for you. Think of a fresh, crisp fall apple, a ten....>> More

Ansley Coale (4/13/2005): Along with his distiller-partner, Hubert Germain-Robin, Ansley Coale produces and brings to market the finest American brandy. Their methods of production are revolutionary in that they are hundreds o....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Bourdain (7/24/2006): Anthony Bourdain is executive chef at Les Halles. He is a renowned author of seven books, including the bestselling kitchen Confidential and a Cooks Tour. He is the host of No Reservations on the disc....>> More

Anthony Bucco (3/25/2005): Anthony is The Restaurant Guys' Executive chef at Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ. He an invaluable resource and an extremely talented chef who has helped the restaurant achieve its cur....>> More

Anthony Giglio (4/28/2005): Anthony is the wine columnist for Boston Magazine, was restaurant reviewer for NJ Monthly Magazine for 10 years, is currently restaurant reviewer for The New York Sun and NJ Life Magazine. Check out ....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (8/8/2005): The Guys talk about the potential hazards of cooking with Teflon. Francis and Mark prefer Steel, Cast Iron or coated cast iron like Le Creuset Cookware. The Guys welcome their favorite food & wi....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (11/16/2005): Francis is psyched! Jamon Iberico is coming!! This special ham, made from the Iberian black footed pig, gets its unique flavor from the pigs diet: acorns. Up to now this product could not be imported....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (11/28/2005): The Guys welcome back Anthony Giglio, wine columnist for Boston Magazine and restaurant critic for New Jersey Life Magazine and the New York Sun. Anthony has recently edited the 70th anniversary editi....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (12/30/2005): The Guys welcome back their favorite food-writer, Anthony Giglio, restaurant reviewer for New Jersey Life Magazine and The New York Sun, wine columnist for Boston Magazine and author of several books.....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (6/26/2006): The Guys welcome back food writer Anthony Giglio. Anthony has recently edited the "Mr. Boston All-New Official Bartender's and Party Guide" and wrote "Cocktails in New York. Anthony....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (1/7/2007): Anthony Giglio is a journalist, sommelier and author of Cocktails in New York and the Mr. Boston All-New Official Bartender's Guide. He has just recently returned from hosting a tour of wineries ....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio (12/11/2008): Anthony Giglio is a New York based sommelier, journalist and accomplished freelance writer. He recently authored the Food & Wine: Wine Guide 2009 and edited the 67th edition of Mr. Boston Official....>> More

MP3 Available!Anthony Giglio Goes to Sicily (6/21/2006): Food Writer Anthony Giglio joins The Guys to talk about his upcoming trip to Sicily and the wines and food and culture of that unique Island. You can actually join Anthony on a wine tour he will guide....>> More

MP3 Available!Antionette Bruno / Chefs' Congress and Dessert Trends (7/26/2006): On their website Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream says its philosophy is simple: "Find the purest and finest ingredients in the world and craft them into the best ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt availab....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno (4/3/2006): Antoinette Bruno is the CEO of, a profitable website catering to the restaurant and hospitality industry. Their newsletter, The Dish Rag, is full of great information and interesting in....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno (3/6/2007): Antoinette Bruno brings more than a decade of experience in the foodservice industry to, the first online food magazine which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2005. Since taking charge....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno (9/15/2010): Antoinette Bruno of joins the guys to discuss the upcoming Chef's Congress happening in New York City September 20, 21, and 22. They discuss mixology, the various events, and the Ri....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno (9/29/2011): Antoinette Bruno of joins the guys to discuss the upcoming Chef's Congress happening in New York City October 2, 3 & 4. They discuss mixology, the various events, and the Rising ....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno (8/29/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Antoinette Bruno on the show to discuss the Star Chefs International Chefs Congress. Star Chefs ICC is one of a kind, and it's back: a three-day culinary symposium that g....>> More

MP3 Available!Antoinette Bruno Returns - Does Michelin Matter? (12/11/2006): Looking for a job in Oregon's wine country? An acquaintance of Francis' is looking for someone to manage their wine bar in McMinnville, Oregon. Francis said it is a beautiful town. If you are ....>> More

MP3 Available!Antonio Galloni: The Piedmont Report (6/16/2006): Antonio Galloni is Editor and Publisher of The Piedmont Report: a quarterly publication, with readers in 25 countries. He joins The Guys today to talk about the great wines of Piedmont.....>> More

MP3 Available!Anya Von Bremzen (4/4/2007): Russian-born Anya von Bremzen is a contributing editor at Travel + Leisure magazine, where she writes about restaurants around the world. She is the coauthor of Please to the Table:The Russian Cookboo....>> More

MP3 Available!Ariane Daguin (2/1/2005): Ariane helped to found foie gras production in The USA and her company now sells many important specialty meats. She is charming and intelligent and joins us to talk about Foie Gras, Ducks, Humane An....>> More

MP3 Available!Ariane Daguin (6/5/2006): Ariane Daguin is a native of the Gascon region of France. She is the owner of D'Artagnan restaurant in New York, which specialized in the food of the French southwest. Her interest in foie gras is....>> More

Art Seavey (7/9/2007): Art Seavey is the co-head of the Monterey Abalone Company in California. He works with Trevor S. Fay in the farming and harvesting of seven types of Abalone. He also serves as the director for the C....>> More

MP3 Available!Audrey Saunders (7/7/2006): Audrey Saunders is the high priestess of cocktails in New York. Her Pegu Club is a favourite of The Guys and many New Yorkers. It is a place where all are welcome, celebrities do not get any special....>> More

MP3 Available!Bad Food (8/18/2005): Bad Food Ideas that didn't work. New Coke, Coffee flavored Jell-o, Gerber Singles for Adults, Garlic Cake: Dessert or What? Jones Turkey and Gravy Soda, Green Bean Casserole Soda, Seaweed & S....>> More

MP3 Available!Barb Stuckey (9/21/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Barb Stuckey, author of Taste What You're Missing. Barb Stuckey is a food developer at Mattson and outlines the kinds of tasters and how to train yourself to be a better ....>> More

MP3 Available!Barbara Shinn (9/7/2007): David Page & Barbara Shinn are partners in life and in business. They opened Home Restaurant on Cornelia Street in The Village 14 years ago offering "neighborhood cuisines." While they s....>> More

Barbara Shinn and David Page (7/1/2005): Barbara and David have owned the renowned Home Restaurant on Cornelia Street in New York City since 1993 and have received much well-deserved critical acclaim for their innovative Neighborhood America....>> More

MP3 Available!Barry Estabrook (4/9/2007): Barry Estabrook is a freelance writer for various publications. He has also published a novel entitled Bahama Heat. He joins us today to discuss his recent article in Gourmet Magazine, "Do I da....>> More

MP3 Available!Barry Glassner (3/22/2007): Barry Glassner has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, and has written for the New York Times, The wall Street Journal and the Los Angelos Times. He is a professor of sociology at YSC.....>> More

MP3 Available!Beau Timken (8/28/2006): Beau Timken is a self taught sake aficionado. He has two acquired professional tasting licenses and master sake sommelier license. He is the owner of the first retail store dedicated solely to sake, &....>> More

MP3 Available!Ben Hewitt (8/2/2010): Ben Hewitt is the author of The Town That Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food. He joins the guys to discuss living in Vermont, the situation in Hardwick Vermont, and the state ....>> More

MP3 Available!Ben Kinmont (12/18/2007): Ben Kinmont is considered one of the United States' top dealers in rare and antique books on the topic of gastronomy. He is also a multimedia conceptual artist and has written many books and creat....>> More

MP3 Available!Ben Schott (1/4/2008): Ben Schott is the bestselling author of Schott's Original Miscellany, Schott's Almanacs, Schott's Sporting, Gaming, and Idling Miscellany as well as Schott's Food & Drink Miscellan....>> More

MP3 Available!Best Ice Cream / Billionaire's Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace (6/5/2009): Bon Appetite Magazine recently named some of America's best ice cream shoppes. In New York - it's a fleet of ice cream trucks - Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream (the ice cream is also available i....>> More

MP3 Available!Beth Lowell of Oceana (11/18/2005): Oceana campaigns to protect and restore the world's oceans. Among their current campaigns, Oceana is fighting to see that House of Representatives Resolution 38-24 recently passed the House by a v....>> More

MP3 Available!Big Apple Barbecue (7/5/2005): Mark and Francis discuss the wonders of barbeque. Francis and Chef Anthony Bucco ventured to NYC to discover the real deal at the Big Apple Barbecue festival at Madison Square Park. On their journey t....>> More

MP3 Available!Bill Buford (8/9/2006): Bill Buford is the former fiction editor of The New Yorker. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Among the Thugs. His latest book is Heat, which tells the story of his experiences as a lin....>> More

MP3 Available!Bill Buford on Chocolate (12/28/2007): Not only does chocolate stir up so many emotions in countless people, but simply saying the words "dark-chocolate" to cocoa-philes is like saying something erotic: when dark chocolate hits ....>> More

MP3 Available!Bill Grimes (10/3/2005): Bill Grimes was once The Drinking Man columnist for Esquire Magazine. He's written for The New York Time where he was restaurant critic from 1997-2003. He's also authored, among other works, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Bill Kurtis (3/19/2008): Bill Kurtis is an acclaimed broadcast journalist who has worked in the profession for 40 years. Kurtis was the co-anchor for CBS Morning News, and the host of countless series and specials, most notab....>> More

Bill Niman and "Peeps" (4/13/2006): With Easter fast approaching our attention turns to those wonderful marshmallow confections, Peeps! Quite a cult following have these little edible duckies! Niman Ranch started its business nearly th....>> More

MP3 Available!Bill Wolsey (11/14/2012): The Guys Start off the segment with a lively discussion about Pete Well's recent '-1 star review' of Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar in The New York Times. Was it justified? Did i....>> More

MP3 Available!Biro (9/11/2006): It's not too early to start planning for New Year's Eve. The Guys are putting on a great show featuring fabulous dinners in both Stage Left and Catherine Lombardi and a concert starring Jacqui....>> More

MP3 Available!Blake Spalding & Jen Castle (8/9/2005): Blake Spalding and Jen Castle own and operate Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder, Utah. Boulder has a population of just 180; while at the same time, it is the largest town geographically in Utah, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Bloody Marys; Brian Miller (1/18/2012): Mark and Francis discuss Bloody Marys and different garnishes that you could put on them. Their guest is Brian Miller, of Tiki Mondays at Lani Kai. They discuss all things Tiki and what makes a bart....>> More

MP3 Available!Bob Bayer; Glen Burtnik and Tony Shanahan (12/8/2005): The Guys are joined by Bob Bayer, Director of the Lobster Institute of Maine to talk about the Maine Lobster Fishery, which has been called the most well managed fishery of any kind in the world. The....>> More

MP3 Available!Bob Lape & Joanna Pruess (2/1/2007): Seduced by bacon: Seduced by Bacon contains 19 delicious bacon recipes for every meal of the day. Seduced by Bacon not only contains recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks but &quo....>> More

MP3 Available!Bob Waggoner (4/28/2011): Today's show is all about chefs. Mark and Francis start the show by discussing a reviewer who wasn't as impartial as he should have been when reviewing restaurants for his college newspaper. ....>> More

Bradford Rand (4/22/2008): Bradford Rand is the President/CEO of Expo International and RAND International. Bradford and his talented team have produced over 500 tradeshows and special events over the last 14 years spanning a m....>> More

MP3 Available!Brian Halweil (1/30/2006): Mark and Francis welcome Brian Halweil of the World Watch Institute to the show. Brian is a Senior researcher for the organization specializing in Food, Agriculture, Organic Farming, Biotechnology and....>> More

MP3 Available!Brian Snyder (12/12/2006): Brian Snyder is Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), a position he has held since 2001. Mr. Snyder hails originally from the state of Indiana where bo....>> More

MP3 Available!Bruce Blumberg / George Staikos (4/26/2007): Too many calories and too little exercise are undeniably the major factors contributing to the obesity epidemic, but several recent animal studies suggest that environmental exposure to widely used ch....>> More

MP3 Available!Bunny Crumpacker (3/15/2006): Is there a better combination than sex and food? Author Bunny Crumpacker looks into the wonderful history of food as aphrodisiac. The Guys also talk to Bunny about what makes a great first date restau....>> More

MP3 Available!Burger America (4/5/2006): We love Burgers! In fact Stage Left is know for having one of the best burgers around. What better guest to talk about Burgers with than George Motz, director of the film "Hamburger America"....>> More

Burgers with Mark and Francis (2/14/2005): Melissa Muller of NJ Life Magazine reports: Stage Left's Burger Most Delicious in The State: "Wait," he says dramatically. "I have to warn you: You'll never enjoy another burger....>> More

MP3 Available!Business Etiquette for Executives (8/19/2005): Maureen Wild of High Road Solutions talks about Business Etiquette. Ms. Wild started her business after attending The Protocol School in Washington D.C. She started teaching etiquette to children, wor....>> More

Cafe d'Alsace, Sula Wines and Macaroni & Cheese (6/27/2006): Frank Bruni of the New York Times recently reviewed Cafe d'Alsace and gave the brasserie two stars. The restaurant features the cuisine of Alsace and New York's first "beer sommelier”. T....>> More

MP3 Available!Caffeine; James Cahill, Mayor of New Brunswick, NJ (12/7/2005): Caffeinated energy drinks are the fastest-growing sector of the $93 billion domestic beverage industry, but are some youths hooked? Mark and Francis talk about the boom in energy drinks and the manufa....>> More

MP3 Available!Cara De Silva (11/28/2006): CARA DE SILVA is an award-winning journalist who specializes in writing about food, travel, culture, and ethnicity. Most recently, In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin, which sh....>> More

MP3 Available!Cary Fowler (4/4/2008): Enough rice, maize and wheat to feed an army -- well, that's the hope (someday)! Nearly 3 weeks ago the Svalbard Global Seed Vault opened on a remote island in the Arctic Circle, with 100 million....>> More

MP3 Available!Cat Cora (5/16/2008): Cat Cora isn't just one of the best female chefs, she's one of the country's biggest culinary superstars, period. Cat has starred in a number of TV shows and has written several books, bu....>> More

Cathy Corison (4/14/2005): Cathy is one of the most talented winemakers in California. She has been working in Napa since 1978, when she was an intern at Freemark Abbey. From there, she spent three vintages at Yverdon on Spring....>> More

MP3 Available!Cathy Corison (3/6/2006): Cathy Corison is one of the Guys' favorite winemakers in California. She makes some of the most elegant and age-worthy cabernet sauvignon in all of California. She also makes some very unusual a....>> More

MP3 Available!Cathy Corison (2/6/2007): Cathy discovered her passion for wine while pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Inspired by the notion that wine is "alive at every level,&qu....>> More

MP3 Available!Chad Ward (12/16/2009): Chad Ward is an accomplished North-Carolina-based, writer and blogger, who mainly showcases his knowledge about food and kitchen gear. His most recent work, "An Edge in the Kitchen" is an c....>> More

MP3 Available!Charles Neal (2/22/2012): Charles Neal joins the guys to discuss his new book, Calvados: The Spirit of Normandy. They discuss the people of Normandy, Cider, and the great spirit they produce there -- Calvados -- and the appl....>> More

MP3 Available!Charles Wilson "Chew on This" (8/11/2006): Charles Wilson is the co-author of Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food, an adaptation of one of the most influential books on food in years, Eric Schlosser's Fast F....>> More

MP3 Available!Charlie Palmer (10/31/2005): As one of the most highly regarded chefs in America today, Charlie Palmer has received critical acclaim for his signature progressive American cuisine. Chef/Owner of such landmark restaurants as Aureo....>> More

MP3 Available!Charlie Palmer Returns (11/13/2006): Charlie Palmer is one of the most highly regarded chefs in America today. He is chef/owner of Aureole Restaurants in both New York and Las Vegas. Aureole New York was opened in 1988 at the dawn of con....>> More

MP3 Available!Charlie Trotter (2/14/2005): The Wine Spectator Magazine said that Charlie Trotters Chicago restaurant is the best restaurant in the world for matching food and wine! Charlie spends an hour with Mark and Francis talking about wha....>> More

MP3 Available!Charlie Trotter (5/22/2009): Charlie Trotter is a legendary culinary figure and owner of one of the nation's finest restaurants Charlie Trotter's in Chicago. Eight-time winner of the James Beard award, Trotter also boasts....>> More

MP3 Available!Chef Scott Conant (9/13/2005): Chef Scott Conant of L'Impero and Alto Restaurants in New York City does his own take on Italian cooking in New York City and The Guys are fans. They talk about Italian restaurants, regional Ital....>> More

MP3 Available!Chefs and Manufactured Flavors; Paul Hobbs on Oak Aging and Filtration (5/12/2006): Here's a wine-geek show: The Guys welcome back long time friend and wine world rock star Paul Hobbs to talk about the philosophy and advantages of oak aging and fining or filtrating wines. Rega....>> More

MP3 Available!Chris Cosentino (11/15/2007): The new season of Food Network's "The Next Iron Chef" brings together eight of the nation's best chefs. These aren't "up and comers." They are established masters of ....>> More

MP3 Available!Chris Cree (2/1/2005): Chris is one of only 23 MW's in The United States. This makes him one of the top experts on wine in America. We talk with him about wine in general but also about how one goes about acquiring th....>> More

MP3 Available!Chris Goodhart (12/19/2005): So you think the life of a restrauteur is a glamorous one? Just tell that to Mark and Francis who were doing battle with a broken hot water heater! Yikes!.You know you are having a bad day when the pi....>> More

MP3 Available!Chris Paladino (10/5/2005): They Guys talk about the city that houses their restaurants and the role of restaurants in a community, particularly what role restaurants can play in a city's redevelopment. Chris Paladino joins....>> More

MP3 Available!Christine Lavin (11/17/2006): Christine Lavin has won one NAIRD award, two New York Music Awards, five ASCAP composer awards, the Kate Wolf Memorial Award, and her songs have been performed by such diverse artists as Tony Award-w....>> More

MP3 Available!Christopher Lee, Executive Chef Striped Bass in Philadelphia (6/23/2006): The cocktails are coming! The cocktails are coming! Francis, Mark, Executive Chef Anthony Bucco, and Maitre 'd Samantha Darling have been busy researching cocktails and perfecting recipes for what....>> More

MP3 Available!Claudia Roden (9/20/2007): Claudia Roden is a food writer who travels widely to research her award-winning cookbooks. Born and brought up in Cairo, Ms. Roden has been compiling recipes and investigating their context from a ver....>> More

MP3 Available!Cliff Crooks (11/1/2006): Cliff Crooks is the Executive Chef at Salute!, a New Jersey native (Essex County no less) and a competitor on season two of Bravo TV's highly successful "Top Chef". This show is a favor....>> More

MP3 Available!Clifford A. Wright (1/16/2007): Clifford A. Wright is an author who specializes in the regional cuisine of the Mediteranean and Italy. His cook book A Mediterranean Feast: The Story of the Birth of the Celebrated Cuisines of the Me....>> More

MP3 Available!Climate Change and Wine (12/20/2006): Gregory V. Jones is an associate professor and research climatologist in the Geography Department at Southern Oregon University who specializes in the study of how climate variability and change impac....>> More

Cocktails in New York (10/7/2005): The Guys muse on the topic of the cocktail. Recently they took several of their bartenders on a Cocktail Safari in New York. Listen to the guys relate their views on this category of libation and ta....>> More

MP3 Available!Coffee With Sam Gugino (6/20/2005): Sam Gugino, food and wine writer for such magazines as Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado talks about coffee, the 2nd largest commodity in the world. Sam visited Costa Rica and Nicaragua for his in d....>> More

MP3 Available!Colman Andrews (2/3/2011): Mark and Francis discuss tipping. Their guest is Colman Andrews. He was the cofounder and a former editor in chief of Saveur, and is the author of four acclaimed cookbooks, including Catalan Cuisine....>> More

MP3 Available!Colman Andrews on Campbelltown Scotch (5/17/2006): Colman Andrews writes about food, wine and spirits. He is editor-in-chief of Saveur Magazine (one of the Guys' favorite food magazines). His cookbooks are Catalan Cuisine and Flavors of the Rivie....>> More

MP3 Available!Conrad Miller (2/22/2006): Counterfeit olive oil ring busted in New Jersey! Yes it's true - some unscrupulous folks were trying to pass off soy bean oil as olive oil. The "switch" is worth about $100,000! If you a....>> More

MP3 Available!Corby Kummer (8/18/2006): Corby Kummer is one of the country's most respected food journalists. He is a writer for The Atlantic. He is the author of the book "Joy of Coffee" and "The Pleasure of Slow Food.&q....>> More

MP3 Available!Corby Kummer (12/15/2006): Corby Kummer is one of the country's most respected food journalists. He is a writer for The Atlantic. He is the author of the books "Joy of Coffee" and "The Pleasure of Slow Food&q....>> More

MP3 Available!Corby Kummer (5/8/2008): Corby Kummer is one of the country's most respected food journalists. He is a writer for The Atlantic Monthly and the author of the book "Joy of Coffee" , which was heralded by the New Y....>> More

Craig Cicciari (11/2/2005): Ever think about making your own wine? Home winemaking is going through a bit of a renaissance. The Guys welcome Craig Cicciari of California Wine Works, located in Ramsey, NJ. Craig consults with his....>> More

MP3 Available!Craig LaBan (2/14/2005): The Meanest Man in Philadelphia? The Terror of Eastern PA Restaurateurs, Craig has been lionized and villified but very few people have a middling opinion of him. His writing is sharp and insightful....>> More

MP3 Available!Craig LaBan (1/3/2007): Craig LaBan is the restaurant critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer. His writing is sharp and insightful. He recieved The James Beard Award for Journalism in 2000. He didn't show up at the banquet ....>> More

MP3 Available!Craig Minowa of the Organic Consumers Association (1/5/2007): Craig Minowa has been an actively working as a researcher and writer for environmental nonprofits for over a decade. He is an Environmental Scientist with the Organic Consumers Association. He is here....>> More

MP3 Available!Craig Shelton (1/2/2008): Craig Shelton is one of the nation's most celebrated chefs: the first person to grace the cover of Gourmet magazine, a James Beard Award winner, and the man behind the Garden State's first fo....>> More

MP3 Available!Cynthia Clampitt (4/6/2007): Cynthia Clampitt is above all things a writer of food. With notable work on several internet websites and small columns in countless others, Clampitt is currently a writer for Hungry Magazine working ....>> More

MP3 Available!Cynthia Lauren Tewes (1/31/2013): The Guys are joined today by Cynthia Lauren Tewes. Ms Tewes played Julie McCoy on The Love Boat and is appearing at The George Street Playhouse (right next to The Restaurant Guys restaurants) in Good....>> More

MP3 Available!Dale DeGroff (4/5/2005): Dale is the preeminent authority on cocktails in America. Lectures and consults all over the world, especially in New York, London and New Orleans. Since the days when he played an integral role in th....>> More

MP3 Available!Dale DeGroff (12/2/2005): Talk about a bad idea! Mark and Francis have fun reading a recent scathing review of Ninja New York, a very expensive theme restaurant. With tasting menus ate $80 - $200 per person, Mark expects a cl....>> More

MP3 Available!Dale Degroff (9/24/2007): The Guys welcome back Dale DeGroff, the worlds preeminent bartender (mixologist), this time from Shinn Vineyards on Long Island. For years he was the head bartender at New York's famed Rainbow Ro....>> More

MP3 Available!Dale DeGroff (2/5/2009): Dale DeGroff returns to the show to talk about the cocktail renaissance and the long and varied history of cocktails. He will be joining us for a Friday Night Cocktail party in Catherine Lombardi on....>> More

MP3 Available!Dale DeGroff (1/31/2012): The guys are joined by preeminent cocktailian Dale DeGroff and talk about the State of the Cocktail Union and bar trends for 2012!....>> More

MP3 Available!Damien Brassel (3/10/2009): The Guys welcome Chef Damien Brassel of Knife & Fork Restaurant in New York City. By 20 he was the head chef at Peacock Alley, a Michelin star restaurant in Dublin. Knife + Fork is Damien Brassel&....>> More

MP3 Available!Dan Barber (9/27/2006): Dan Barber began farming and cooking for family and friends at Blue Hill Farm in the Berkshires. It was there that he was first introduced to and gained respect for locally grown and seasonal produce....>> More

MP3 Available!Dan Koeppel (4/11/2008): Dan Koeppel is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir To See Every Bird on Earth. His stories have appeared in National Geographic, Adventure, Wired, Audubon, and Popular Science. He has tri....>> More

MP3 Available!Dana Cowin (1/12/2007): Dana Cowin, Food & Wine magazine's editor in chief since 1995, has been covering the world of food, style and design for more than 20 years. Under her leadership, Food & Wine has become a ....>> More

MP3 Available!Dana Cowin (2/12/2009): As Editor in Chief of Food & Wine magazine since 1995, Dana Cowin has exercised leadership to transform the magazine into an indispensable piece of popular media-a must-read for restaurant lovers,....>> More

MP3 Available!Daniel Humm (11/16/2011): Mark and Francis welcome Daniel Humm to the show to discuss the book he's written with Will Guidara, the Eleven Madison Park Cookbook. They talk about the book, about running a four star restaura....>> More

MP3 Available!Daniel Okrent (6/22/2010): Daniel Okrent was the first public editor of The New York Times, editor-at-large of Time, Inc., and managing editor of Life magazine. He worked in book publishing as an editor at Knopf and Viking, and....>> More

MP3 Available!Daniel Young (3/3/2006): "The best place in the world to have dinner on a Tuesday night is Paris." So claims Daniel Young, former restaurant reviewer for the New York Daily News and author of "The Bistros, Bras....>> More

MP3 Available!Danny Meyer (11/24/2006): Danny Meyer is the co-author with executive chef/partner Michael Romano of The Union Square Cafe Cookbook and Second Helpings From the Union Square Cafe and founder and co-owner of eleven New York est....>> More

Dave Wasenda (9/19/2005): The Guys welcome Dave Wasenda from the Forsdate Country Club to talk about their upcoming charity golf event. The 2005 Forsgate Foundation Charity Golf Outing benefiting Special Olympics of New Jersey....>> More

MP3 Available!David Broom, Whisky (10/25/2010): To start off the show, the guys discuss the new New York Times rating system for restaurants in New Jersey and some possible better alternatives. Then the guys chat with Dave Broom, the author of The....>> More

MP3 Available!David Gumpert (4/8/2010): Dinner in a Garage? That's right! Mark and Francis joined some friends at Brooklyn's Fette Sau, a bbq place in a refurbished (slightly) commercial garage. The food is great as is the beer sele....>> More

MP3 Available!David Hanson (2/15/2012): Mark and Francis welcome David Hanson, co-author of Breaking Through Concrete: Building an Urban Farm Revival with Edwin Marty and Michael Hanson. They discuss the problems people face when urban far....>> More

MP3 Available!David Page (9/6/2007): David Page & Barbara Shinn are partners in life and in business. They opened Home Restaurant on Cornelia Street in The Village 14 years ago offering "neighborhood cuisines." While they s....>> More

David Saint (3/16/2005): David Saint is the exciting and charming and talented and extremely well connected Artistic Director of The George Street Playhouse, located in New Brunswick, NJ. During his tenure, GSP has been on th....>> More

MP3 Available!David Samuels (3/27/2006): The Fulton Fish Market was a New York institution. The Fish Market was in the same location since 1982. Last year, the market relocated to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Hunts Point in The Bronx.....>> More

MP3 Available!David Waltuck (2/27/2009): David Waltuck is one the world's preeminent chefs and owner of the restaurant, Chanterelle, in SoHo NYC. With wife and business partner, Karen, at his side, the duo has transformed the restaurant ....>> More

David Wondrich (4/14/2008): David Wondrich is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on cocktails and their history. He is one of the founders of Beverage Alcohol Resource, has worked with the Museum o....>> More

MP3 Available!David Wondrich (5/9/2008): David Wondrich is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on cocktails and their history. He is one of the founders of Beverage Alcohol Resource, has worked with the Museum o....>> More

MP3 Available!David Wondrich (2/14/2011): Mark and Francis begin the show with a discussion of possible new legislation in New York that would prohibit smoking on public sidewalks and in parks. Their guest is David Wondrich. They discuss all ....>> More

MP3 Available!Dean Foster (7/18/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Dean Foster to the show. Dean Foster is the head of Dean Foster Associates and is the author of the "Global Etiquette Guide" series of books. Mr Foster joins the g....>> More

Dean Goodman (8/3/2006): Robert M. Goodman is a plant biologist active in finding practical applications for academic research, he is the Dean of the Rutgers University Cook College. Goodman, is alson an executive dean of agr....>> More

Deborah Dowdell (7/1/2005): Deborah Dowdell of the New Jersey Restaurant Association joins us to talk about pending legislation that would ban smoking outright in bars and restaurant s in NJ and similar legislation throughout th....>> More

MP3 Available!Deborah Koons Garcia (9/23/2005): You may know of Deborah Koons Garcia as the widow of Jerry Garcia. But she is also the writer and director of the riveting new documentary, THE FUTURE OF FOOD. It's a riveting and in-depth inv....>> More

MP3 Available!Deborah Koons Garcia Returns (2/8/2006): The Guys welcome back Deborah Koons Garcia, widow of the late Jerry Garcia and documentarian. Her latestest film, The Future of Food, is now available on DVD.....>> More

MP3 Available!Dehydration, Hyponatremia (Over Hydration) & working out with Dr. Jack Kripsak;
Seth Goldman, Founder of Honest Tea
(7/14/2005): Dr. Kripsak is the Director of Sports Medicine at The Somerset Medical Center Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Center. He joins The Guys to talk about the importance of the right type of hydratio....>> More

MP3 Available!Del Posto; Neo-Soul (2/6/2006): Mark and Francis share some impressions of their visit to Mario Batali's new restaurant, Del Posto. Granted, parties larger than 4 have to jump through hoops to get a reservation, leave a deposit ....>> More

MP3 Available!Diesel Engines running on Vegetable Oil; Terry Theise on German and Austrian Wines (4/19/2006): Local listener, Dan Greenhouse contacted the Guys to see if he could get used cooking oil from the restaurant to run his car. Seems that Dan has gone "green" and is running his car on vegeta....>> More

MP3 Available!Don and Pedie Kladstrup (10/6/2006): Donald Kladstrup, a foreign correspondent for ABC and CBS television news, is the winner of three Emmys and the Alfred I. DuPont--Columbia University, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, and Overseas Press Cl....>> More

MP3 Available!Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield (8/1/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Don Feinberg and Wendy Littlefield, owners of the beer import company, Vanberg & De Wulf to the show. They discuss how Belgian beer became popular in the US, Belgian beer....>> More

MP3 Available!Don Harris (1/12/2008): Don Harris is the owner of La Tienda Importers, one of the most instrumental importers of the infamous and quite coveted, Jamon Iberico. Today, Don is here to talk with us about the long anticipated a....>> More

MP3 Available!Dorothy Hamilton (8/23/2007): Dorothy Hamilton is the founder and CEO of the French Culinary Institute. She is the recently appointed chairwoman of board for the James Beard Foundation, chairwoman emeritus for life of the American....>> More

MP3 Available!Double Cross Vodka (10/16/2009): The Guys begin this episode by discuss "truth in advertising" and discuss the wild claims product advertising make, such as the "best burger you will ever taste,"and what they real....>> More

MP3 Available!Doug Frost, MS, MW (12/21/2011): Mark and Francis welcome Doug Frost, MS, MW to the show to discuss being a sommelier in today's market and the importance of cocktails in general. They talk about wine ratings, selling wine to co....>> More

MP3 Available!Doug Psaltis and Julia Powell (10/26/2005): Two authors join Mark and Francis to discuss their books. Doug Psaltis has gained recent notoriety with the publication of his book The Seasoning of a Chef where he recounts working in the kitchens of....>> More

MP3 Available!Dr. Daphne Miller (6/11/2008): Dr. Daphne Miller is the author of The Jungle Effect, which is not the ordinary diet book. Instead of miracles, Dr. Miller explains how returning to an indigenous diet will help Western society from d....>> More

MP3 Available!Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan (6/25/2008): Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan is a world-renowned conservation scientist. He is the author of countless books about America's environmental biology and a many-times-over winner of science awards, notably a....>> More

MP3 Available!Dr. Paul Rozin (10/12/2005): The Guys welcome Dr. Paul Rozin, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania who has studied the nature of cuisine in various cultures. In one study he aksed participants what they think....>> More

MP3 Available!Dr. Peter Whybrow (11/21/2005): Mark and Francis take aim at those who protest Montana's Bison Hunt, where it seems all sides of the controversy are a little bit ridiculous. Bison, once near extinction have made a miraculous com....>> More

MP3 Available!Dr. Ron Schmid (3/10/2006): Ron Schmid is a licensed naturopathic physician who has taught at all four of the nations accredited naturopathic medical schools. He practices in Connecticut and he was also the first Clinical Direc....>> More

MP3 Available!Dun Luria of Dine Originals (1/31/2005): After years of holiday chefs and poultry lovers grousing that the federal government's safe-cooking recommendations left their birds too dry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has lowered the int....>> More

MP3 Available!Dushan Zaric (11/10/2010): The guys start off the show with a discussion of some of Mark's favorite meals in the last six months. Their guest is Dushan Zaric. Dushan Zaric is co-owner of the Macao Trading Company and Empl....>> More

MP3 Available!Dushan Zaric & Jason Kosmas (8/5/2009): Dushan Zaric & Jason Kosmas own and operate several bars and restaurants. Their flagship Employees Only is the highest grossing-per-square-foot seller of cocktails in the world. The Guys have b....>> More

MP3 Available!Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas (1/30/2007): Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas have almost thirty years of bartending experience between them. They are the owners of Employees Only, the hottest cocktail bar in Manhattan's West Village, and the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Dwayne Ridgaway (8/16/2006): Dwayne Ridgaway likes to write niche cookbooks. He is the author of "Indoor Grilling," "Perfect One Dish Meals," "Pizza," and "Sandwiches Panninis and Wraps." H....>> More

MP3 Available!Ed Behr (10/16/2006): Ed Behr started life as a carpenter, but abandoned that to become a food writer in the 1980s. He has been publishing the journal "The Art of Eating" since 1986. In 1992, he published a col....>> More

MP3 Available!Ed Hamilton on Rum (8/21/2006): In the spring of '93 Ed Hamilton was preparing his first sloop Tafia for the annual pilgrimage south for hurricane season. A few days before setting sail he attended the monthly full moon party on....>> More

MP3 Available!Elin McCoy (10/19/2005): The Guys welcome author Elin McCoy who has chronicled the world of wine for thirty years. She is wine and spirits columnist for Bloomberg Markets, and a long-time contributing editor at Food & Win....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Asimov (2/13/2006): Did you hear the news! Time Out New York named "The Restaurant Guys" one of the best food-related podcasts! Thanks for listening and downloading. Mark and Francis welcome New York Times Chi....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Asimov (4/13/2007): Eric Asimov is the chief wine critic of the New York Times. He is the co-author of The New York Times Guide to Restaurants 2004. He's reviewed many restaurants in the $25-and-Under column for The....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Asimov (4/28/2008): Eric Asimov is the Chief Wine Critic for the New York Times. Although he formerly edited the renowned paper's "Living" and "Style" sections, he is most known for his reviews o....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Felten (3/7/2008): Eric Felten writes the celebrated cocktail column "How's Your Drink?" for the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. In May 2007, he was honored with a James Beard Foundation award....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Ripert (4/30/2007): Joining us today is Eric Ripert, executive chef and part owner of Le Bernardin in New York City. In 1995, Ripert earned a four star rating from the New York Times, and has subsequently been praised i....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Ripert (2/20/2009): Eric Ripert is the chef and part owner of Le Bernardin, awarded 4 stars by the New York Times, three stars by the Michelin Guide, rated best restauarant in NYC by Zagat, and best restaurant in America....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Ripert (12/15/2010): The guys start the show with a discussion of the upcoming New Year's Eve festivities in New Brunswick. Their guest is Eric Ripert, chef at Le Bernardin star of the PBS show, Avec Eric, and author....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric Ripert (6/6/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Eric Ripert back to the show to discuss Le Bernardin's most recent 4 star New York Times review, the new remodel of Le Bernardin, cocktails and their place in fine dining,....>> More

MP3 Available!Eric V. Orange and Carol Byrd-Bredbenner (5/29/2006): The ten worst restaurant trends according to happen to be some of the things The Guys think are a good idea. Some of the items sited as "bad trends" include foam, unisex bathr....>> More

Eric Zillier (7/1/2005): Eric is heading up the wine program at the still pending Restaurant Alto in NYC. More to come.....>> More

MP3 Available!Erica Renaud (5/1/2006): Erica Renaud is the Research and Farm Manager for Seeds of Change. She has obtained extensive experience over the last 14 years as an organic farmer and researcher. Erica was the Sustainability and E....>> More

MP3 Available!Erika Lesser and Allen Katz of Slow Food USA (4/24/2006): Around St. Patrick's Day, Francis' mind turns to Irish Whiskey. What's the difference between Irish and Scotch Whiskey: An old Scottish adage holds that Irish whiskey is unfinished whisky.....>> More

MP3 Available!Evan Goldstein (9/6/2006): Evan Goldstein has worked in the kitchens of the Restaurant Le Saintongeaid and the Hotel Lancaster in Paris, Aubergu du Soleil in Napa Valley and Chez Panisse Cafe in Berkley. In 1987 he became the e....>> More

MP3 Available!Evan Goldstein on Eatertainment (8/22/2007): Evan Goldstein is a James Beard Award-winning sommelier and author Perfect Pairing: A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food. Having been the youngest to pass the master....>> More

MP3 Available! and Randall Grahm (3/9/2010): The Guys begin the show with a discussion of ( . It's crazy! Randall Grahm is one of the most interesting and intelligent winemakers in the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Fabio Trabocchi (7/10/2006): Backed by an impressive European pedigree, Fabio Trabocchi has landed at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner where he's turning out food that can only be described as extraordinary. The Guys have enjoy....>> More

MP3 Available!Fancy Food Show (7/13/2005): On Monday Mark and Francis went to the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center in New York City. The show was heavy on branding and marketing and short on "real food". Mark described many items....>> More

MP3 Available!Farmer John Peterson (6/13/2006): THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN is the award-winning true story of third-generation American farmer John Peterson's hero's journey of success, tribulation, failure and rebirth, through his childh....>> More

MP3 Available!Farmer John Peterson (6/22/2007): The film "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" documents the dramatic failure of Farmer John's conventional farming operation and its resurrection into a thriving, organic CSA farm! The critica....>> More

MP3 Available!Father Greg Boyle (12/14/2007): Homeboys Bakery's motto is "job, not jails," and it's a project created by a Los Angeles-area priest that trains former gang-bangers baking and culinary skills. The men and women in....>> More

MP3 Available!Fedele Bauccio (5/30/2007): After a career in foodservice, Fedele Bauccio opened his own company in 1987, Bon Appetit Management Company. They serve 44 corporate clients and 39 educational institutions in 12 states and are comm....>> More

MP3 Available!Flavor Spray, Cultured Meat and Port and Madeira (8/15/2005): Flavor Spray?? Why do we need to spray flavor? OK no calories but is it a good idea to divorce flavor from food? Are we supposed to eat like in Star Trek? Should we want to? The Guys also discuss ....>> More

MP3 Available!Floyd Cardoz (3/14/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Chef Floyd Cardoz, of the newly open North End Grill in New York City. They discuss the different kinds of grills out there and how Chef Cardoz is putting them all to work.....>> More

Floyd Cardoz Returns (11/22/2006): Floyd Cardoz is the executive chef of Tabla in New York City. With Floyd at the helm, Tabla has received many accolades from the media including The New York Times -- Three stars, Bon Appetit "Ou....>> More

MP3 Available!Foie Gras, Trans Fats and Caviar with Jane Black (11/6/2006): Now, in addition to the proposed ban on foie gras (proposed by Vegetarian Assemblyman Michael Panter), Vegetarian Senator Ellen Karcher has proposed banning trans fats in restaurants. It is time for ....>> More

MP3 Available!Frank Brunacci (6/20/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Frank Brunacci to the show to discuss truffles, namely the fantastic Australian truffles they are getting in the restaurant.....>> More

MP3 Available!Frank Evans - North American Truffles (2/29/2008): Frank Evans lives in Portland Oregon. He received a BSEE from the University of California at Berkeley. He is now retired after forty years of engineering in fields including instrumentation for hum....>> More

MP3 Available!Fred Plotkin (4/25/2007): Fred Plotkin divides his time between New York and the Italian Riviera. His writing concentrates on the subjects of Italy and opera.. Fred Plotkin is author of Italy for the Gourmet Traveler; Italy To....>> More

MP3 Available!Frederick Kaufman (6/5/2008): Frederick Kaufman is a professor of English at the City University of New York. He has written about American food culture and other subjects for Harper's Magazine, the New Yorker, Gourmet, Gastro....>> More

MP3 Available!Frederick Kaufmann (3/21/2008): Frederick Kaufmann is a professor of English at the City University of New York. He has written about American food culture and other subjects for Harper's Magazine, the New Yorker, Gourmet, Gastr....>> More

MP3 Available!Free Range Graphics (8/17/2005): Louis Fox is Creative Director of Free Range Graphics a company that uses "Viral Flash Animation" as a way of getting various messages out. In this form of marketing they create clever anima....>> More

MP3 Available!French Bread (11/13/2006): Steven L. Kaplan is the Goldwin Smith Professor of European History at Cornell. He has published widely in French and English on eighteenth-century France, food and foodways, the French Revolution and....>> More

MP3 Available!Fritz Haeg (9/14/2007): Fritz Haeg is a L.A.-based architect and social designer who initiated the Edible Estates project which mutates front lawns into gardens of art and produce. Haeg's other projects include the Fritz....>> More

Fritz Maytag (7/1/2005): Fritz is the renaissance man of spirituous libations in America. He founded Anchor Distilling, invented steam beer at Anchor Steam and founded York Creek Vineyards in California. He joins us to disc....>> More

MP3 Available!Fuchsia Dunlop (5/16/2007): Fuchsia Dunlop was educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge University, and trained as a Chinese chef at China's leading cooking school, the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine in Chengdu, where s....>> More

MP3 Available!G. Bruce Knecht (11/30/2006): Part high seas adventure adventure, part courtroom drama "Hooked: A True Story of Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish," chronicles how a California fish merchant renamed the ugly Patagon....>> More

MP3 Available!Gabrielle Hamilton (5/4/2011): Are there still great Mom and Pop restaurants out there? Mark and Francis discuss the lack of truly great everyday restaurants in resort areas and ask that you send us your favorites. Their guest to....>> More

MP3 Available!Gael Greene (4/17/2006): Gael Greene's "Insatiable Critic" column ran in New York Magazine from 1968 to 2000 and was one of the most influential food columns in America. Mark and Francis read it religiously. Ga....>> More

MP3 Available!Gael Greene (6/6/2006): Gael Greene's, New York Magazine's "Insatiable Critic" from 1968 to 2000 joins The Guys once again to talk about her book Insatiable, which last weekend won a rave review from The Ne....>> More

MP3 Available!Gael Greene (1/29/2008): For more than three decades, the impeccable tastebuds of Gael Greene spawned each weekly edition of her "The Insatiable Critic" column for New York magazine. Now, she remains on staff and c....>> More

MP3 Available!Gael Greene (8/11/2009): The Guys Discuss Geese in New Jersey. Why don't we eat them? Famed food critic Gael Greene returns to talk about her new role as Judge in the Bravo television series Top Chef Masters and the gr....>> More

MP3 Available!Gael Greene Returns (4/11/2007): Food and Wine Magazine has published its list of the Best Cocktails in America and The Best Cocktail Bars in America. Guess who's on it? <a href=/sle/rg/content/recipes/index.asp?ID=22>The....>> More

MP3 Available!Gail Sokol (6/5/2007): Gail D. Sokol is an award-winning professional in the culinary arts industry with demonstrated success in baking and pastry arts, supervision and training, and classical cuisine. Chef Sokol brings her....>> More

MP3 Available!Garrett Oliver (5/11/2006): Garrett Oliver is the brew master at the Brooklyn Brewery. He is a renowned and respected authority on traditional beer. Over the past nine years, he has commissioned a new brew house and expanded Bro....>> More

MP3 Available!Gary Allen (10/18/2007): Gary Allen is a food writer, an adjunct professor at the State University of New York's Empire State College, and presides as Web Master over the internet presence of the Study of Food and Society....>> More

MP3 Available!Gary Regan (11/8/2006): Gary Regan is the author of The Joy of Mixology: The Consummate Guide to the Bartender's Craft, is the author of a column called "The Cocktilian" that runs in the San Francisco Chronicle....>> More

MP3 Available!Geoff Gardner (7/5/2006): Chef Geoff Gardner is the executive chef and co-owner of restaurant Sel de la Terre. Prior to this Chef Geoff Gardner spent eight years as the sous chef at Boston's acclaimed L'Espalier restau....>> More

MP3 Available!George Faison (2/29/2012): George Faison, co-owner of DeBragga and Spitler, joins Mark and Francis to discuss sustainable meat production. They discuss antibiotic use in animals, as well as why hormones in beef production can ....>> More

MP3 Available!George Naylor (8/20/2008): George Naylor is a corn and soybean farmer from Churdan, Iowa. He is best known from Michael Pollan's best-selling book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. George was featured as a family farmer trying t....>> More

George Staikos (7/1/2005): George is an old friend and noted wine consultant. He has worked for the finest restaurants and wineries alike. His wine education programs are interesting and fun. George joins us to talk about the s....>> More

MP3 Available!Georgeanne Brennan (8/27/2008): There are certain words which come to mind when you hear the name Georgeanne Brennan. Cookbook author, food journalist, cooking teacher. Prolific. Winner of a James Beard Foundation Award. Brennan pub....>> More

MP3 Available!Gerald Asher (10/5/2011): Gerald Asher joins Mark and Francis to discuss his years as wine writer at Gourmet Magazine and his new book, A Vineyard in My Glass. They talk a lot about the importance of place when it comes to wi....>> More

MP3 Available!Gerald Asher (3/7/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Gerald Asher, author of A Carafe of Red, to the show to discuss Missouri wines, wine rating scales, and other interesting topics from his newest book....>> More

MP3 Available!Gerry Dawes and the Food & Wine of Spain (5/31/2006): Gerry Dawes is America's pre-eminent authority on Spanish food, wine and culture. After spending twenty years purveying fine wines to top Manhattan restaurants, Dawes left the wine trade to devot....>> More

MP3 Available!Giovanni Bonmartini Fini (6/11/2010): Giovanni Bonmartini Fini joins the guys to discuss the Pinot Grigio and Merlot that he makes at his family's estate in Alto Adige. They discuss the differences between DOC and IGT wines and their....>> More

Glenn Roberts (4/6/2005): Anson Mills preserves, grows and mills antebellum varieties of corn, wheat, masa and rice into old fashioned hand-cleaned grits, polenta, wheat flour and other products. The quality of the products is....>> More

MP3 Available!Grant Achatz (4/18/2007): Grant Achatz is the executive chef and owner of the number one restaurant in America, Alinea. Achatz has won nearly every major award, including being named "the best rising star chef" by t....>> More

MP3 Available!Grant Achatz (3/29/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Grant Achatz, acclaimed chef of Alinea, Next, and the Aviary in Chicago. They discuss molecular gastronomy, creativity in the kitchen and the dining room, and how being a lit....>> More

MP3 Available!Grass-Fed Beef (2/10/2006): It's easy to see where Mark got his smarts from! The Guys welcome Mark's Dad, Christian Pascal to talk about organic products and the benefits of grass-fed beef. Christian has long been a prop....>> More

MP3 Available!Greg Boehm (5/19/2010): Greg Boehm is an established cocktail expert hailing from Chelsea in New York City. He owns Mud Puddle Books and its child company Cocktail Kingdom, which sells historical bartending guides, exotic m....>> More

MP3 Available!Greg Christian (3/28/2007): Greg Christian is the founder of the Organic School Project. Inspired by the success he had from introducing an all-organic diet to his children, he decided to team with schools to improve the health ....>> More

Guillermo Payet (8/1/2005): Guillermo Payet is the founder and president of Local Harvest the largest directory of family farms and businesses such as farm markets and restaurants that support family farms. The directory include....>> More

MP3 Available!Happy New Year! (1/4/2012): Happy New Year from the Restaurant Guys!....>> More

MP3 Available!Harmon Skurnik (4/19/2005): Harmon, with his brother Michael operates Michael Skurnik Wines, an importer of estate bottled wines from small producers. These guys represent some of the most highly sought-after wines in the world.....>> More

MP3 Available!Heather Shouse (7/15/2011): Heather Shouse joins the guys to discuss her book, Food Trucks: Dispatches and Recipes from the Kitchens on Wheels. Food Trucks is a book that profiles some 50 different food truck operations from ac....>> More

MP3 Available!Herb Eckhouse (11/19/2007): Herb and Kathy Eckhouse are the owners of La Quercia a company that creates artisan prosciutto, based in Iowa. They are a "green" and partially organic company that produces and delivers smo....>> More

MP3 Available!Hungry Planet with Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel (2/27/2007): Photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio traveled the world, inviting themselves to dine with 30 families in 24 countries, from Darfur to Cuba to Poland. But before dinner, they shop t....>> More

MP3 Available!Iain Ball (3/26/2007): Iain Ball was born in Britain. For reasons that he can't quite recall he moved to Mumbai, India in November 2002, where he worked at the Indian Express newspaper before joining Time Out Mumbai mag....>> More

MP3 Available!Iano DeGrazia (1/25/2007): Marc de Grazia Selections has been promoting fine Italian wines since 1980. Represented are over ninety small estates from fourteen Italian wine regions with an emphasis on significant "terroir&q....>> More

MP3 Available!Ilan Hall (3/14/2007): No secret, The Guys are fans of "Top Chef" the reality cooking competition television series on Bravo TV. In the past we've had Judge Tom Colicchio, producer Randy Berstein and the 1st ....>> More

MP3 Available!Iron Chef Michael Symon (11/27/2007): Michael Symon is one of America's leading chefs. Owner of restaurants Lola and Lolita in Cleveland, Symon has garnered recognition from Food & Wine magazine among other major publications. He ....>> More

MP3 Available!Jack Babin and Tony Forder (3/26/2008): Jack Babin and Tony Forder are the co founders and publishers of The Ale Street News, the most circulated beer newspaper in America. Since 1992 Babin and Forder have been putting their love of beer an....>> More

MP3 Available!Jackie Savits (11/23/2005): In January 2001, the FDA issued a warning that pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, nursing mothers, and small infants to avoid fish that may contain unsafe levels of methyl mercury. These f....>> More

MP3 Available!Jacques Torres (2/7/2007): At twenty-six years old Chef Jacques Torres achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest recipient of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Patissier Award. Since joining The FCI in 1993, Torres has sha....>> More

MP3 Available!Jacqui Naylor (11/11/2005): Jacqui Naylor has been called the "new voice of jazz" by Vogue. Jazz Times writes, "In the never-ending, 'next big thing' sweepstakes, bet on Jacqui Naylor." She is a tre....>> More

MP3 Available!Jacqui Naylor (12/8/2006): Jacqui has been called the "new voice of jazz" by Vogue. Jazz Times writes, "In the never-ending, 'next big thing' sweepstakes, bet on Jacqui Naylor." She is a tremendous ....>> More

MP3 Available!Jacqui Naylor (12/20/2007): Jacqui Naylor has been called the "new voice of jazz" by Vogue. Jazz Times writes, "In the never-ending, 'next big thing' sweepstakes, bet on Jacqui Naylor." She is a tre....>> More

MP3 Available!Jacqui Naylor (12/18/2008): The Wall Street Journal wrote: "The process, which Ms. Naylor calls "acoustic smashing," marked a turning point in her career." NPR said: "Jacqui Naylor has brought new twist....>> More

MP3 Available!Jairemarie Pomo (9/26/2007): Jairemarie Pomo teaches oyster appreciation and cooking classes and leads writing workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. She joins us today to discuss her book, The Hog Island Oyster Lover's Co....>> More

MP3 Available!James & Kay Salter (1/15/2007): James Salter, one of America's greatest authors (including the novel A Sport and A Pastime and the collection Dusk and Other Stories) along with his wife Kay Salter (journalist and playwright who ....>> More

James A Wassas (7/1/2005): James discusses his invention of this fabulous new slightly sweet spirit that has all but taken over the Latin American spirits market and is poised to make its mark in The USA.....>> More

MP3 Available!James MacKinnon (2/26/2008): James MacKinnon is the co-author (along with Alisa Smith) of Plenty: One Man, One Woman and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally. He is also the author of Dead Man in Paradise which won the 2006 Charles ....>> More

MP3 Available!James McWilliams (11/20/2007): The concept of "Eating Local" is gaining in popularity every year. The movement is more recently getting connected to the crisis of global warming: the idea being that if you ship your foo....>> More

Jamon Iberico (10/5/2005): The Guys celebrate the announcement that pork from Spanish black-footed pigs will soon be available in America. In two years time (the time it takes a ham to cure) we'll have the prized Jamon Iber....>> More

MP3 Available!Jane Black; Poaching Lobsters (4/12/2006): The Guys tell the story of lobster poaching and vigilante justice! You can't make this stuff up! The Guys welcome Jane Black, who oversees the Boston Magazine's food and wine coverage. She ha....>> More

MP3 Available!Jane Stern "Road Food" (6/19/2006): JANE and MICHAEL STERN are contributing editors to Gourmet, where they write the James Beard Award-winning monthly column "Roadfood." They also do a weekly "Two for the Road" segme....>> More

MP3 Available!Janet Mandel and The Food of La Mancha (1/29/2007): Janet Mandel is a freelance Journalist. Although, she was born in America she has spent the last forty years living and experiencing Spain. She has devoted herself to the cuisine and culture of Spain.....>> More

MP3 Available!Janit London/ Amy Sutherland (7/27/2010): Janit London joins the guys to discuss her food co-op, Purple Dragon. Amy Sutherland joins the guys to discuss cook-offs in America.....>> More

MP3 Available!Jay Weinstein "The Ethical Gourmet" (8/30/2006): With the recent holiday Francis was invited to a "bar-b-que" which actually was a "cook out". Yes there is a difference. Some of "The Guys" favorie places for Bar-b-que i....>> More

MP3 Available!Jean Luc Le Du (1/4/2006): As the long-time sommelier at Restaurant Danielle in New York, Jean Luc Le Du was one of the best-known sommelier in the country. He has now left the restaurant business for the retail world. This is....>> More

MP3 Available!Jeff Hollinger and Rob Schwartz (2/13/2007): Jeff Hollinger and Rob Schwartz have a combined 16 years of bartending experience, including more than 6 years at Absinthe Brasserie & Bar in San Francisco, CA. They join us today to discuss thei....>> More

MP3 Available!Jeff Roberts (7/11/2007): Jeff Roberts helped establish the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont. He is a national director with Slow Food USA and co-chaired "Artisan Cheeses of America"....>> More

MP3 Available!Jennifer McLagan (9/28/2011): In their debut on the Heritage Radio Network, Mark and Francis interview Jennifer McLagan, a two-time James Beard Award winning cookbook author. Her new book is Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Jens Schmidt (5/31/2007): Today we welcome to the show, Jens Schmidt, a renowned expert on Italian wines who offers his services to producers around the world. Along with his work as an international broker, Schmidt also is th....>> More

MP3 Available!Jerry Miller; Charles Kuperus (2/1/2006): Jerry Miller of Ohio likes playing match maker. That's why he launched the website Miller created the site in May after listening to a divorced farmer speak of her dating woes who....>> More

MP3 Available!Jerry Traunfeld (3/24/2006): The Guys welcome Chef and Author Jerry Traunfeld of "The Herbfarm" in Woodinville, Washington. Herbs are a great way to add flavor and complexity to dishes without adding calories. Chef Trau....>> More

MP3 Available!Jill Davie (10/26/2007): The new season of Food Network's "The Next Iron Chef" brings together eight of the nation's best chefs. These aren't "up and comers." They are established masters of ....>> More

MP3 Available!Jill DeGroff (11/3/2009): The guys welcome Jill DeGroff. Jill is married to Dale DeGroff and has just published a wonderful new book of illustrations and stories of famous cocktailians from around the world. She joins the gu....>> More

MP3 Available!Jim Lahey (5/23/2012): Mark and Francis recap their visit to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and profile some new spirits Francis discovered. Their guest is Jim Lahey, owner of Sullivan Street Bakery and Co. Restaurant in N....>> More

MP3 Available!Jim Meehan (11/9/2011): Mark and Francis discuss spirits, especially Calvados and Eau de Vie and some of the exciting things they're doing with them in the restaurants. Their guest is Jim Meehan, author of the PDT Cockt....>> More

MP3 Available!Jimmy Bannos (5/26/2006): So there's a lot of buzz about Stephen Starr's Morimoto New York restaurant. The Guys went to check it out and while they did not dine and cannot comment on the food they had plenty to say abo....>> More

MP3 Available!Jimmy Cronk, Sean Hosty, and John Durna (2/6/2013): What should a restaurateur do if a guest can't pay? Mark and Francis discuss what happened recently at Smith and Wollensky in New York when an Italian tourist could not pay. What do you think sh....>> More

Joe Gannascoli (6/26/2007): Joe Gannascoli is an experienced actor, chef and culinary entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and became a professional chef at 24. Following attempt at starting an acting caree....>> More

Joe Hurliman (4/19/2005): The Herzog family has pioneered the development of premium kosher wines in American. The Herzog Wines of California are excellent wines in their own right, made from European grape varieties like Cabe....>> More

Joe Procacci (4/18/2005): While we usually focus on small producers, the Procacci Brothers are a rather large distributor and grower of produce. Joe joins The Guys to explain The UglyRipe tomato and why it is being kept from y....>> More

MP3 Available!Johannes Selbach (1/11/2008): The ancestors of the Selbach family have been cultivating Riesling since 1661. Today, Johannes Selbach and his wife Barbara are running the winery with passion for the wines and in respect of the long....>> More

John Benjamin (7/1/2005): John is the Executive Chef at Restaurant Latour in Hamburg, NJ 973-827-1587....>> More

MP3 Available!John Brunnquell (10/3/2007): John Brunnquell is a leading expert in the United States egg industry. He is the president of Egg Innovations, a farm operation held by his family for three generations. His company is 100% cage-free ....>> More

John Cunnell (7/1/2005): John and Andrea Cunnell own and operate the transgenerational, and inspirational local treasure known as Birnn Chocolate. John joins us and talks about the love of chocolate and running a family busin....>> More

MP3 Available!John Fischer (8/23/2006): Look for his book At Your Service. Professor Fischer joins us from the campus of the preeminent culinary school in America to talk about service, the state of dining in America and professional career....>> More

MP3 Available!John Kapon (5/10/2007): John Kapon is the co-owner and president of auctions, Acker, Merrall, & Condit. He writes a newsletter on wine called Vintage Tastings, in which he rates rare and older wines on a 100-point scale....>> More

MP3 Available!John Mariani (6/20/2011): John Mariani, food writer for Esquire Magazine, joins Mark and Francis to discuss his new book, How Italian Food Conquered the World. They discuss Italian food, both in the United States and abroad; ....>> More

MP3 Available!John Scharffenberger (2/14/2007): John Scharffenberger founded Sharffenberger Cellars, one of the premier sparkling wine cellars in the United States. He sold his interest in the winery, and in 1996 he and Steinberg founded Scharffen....>> More

MP3 Available!John Stauber (7/21/2005): They said it could never happen here. Then in December of 2003 a cow in Washington State was diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. Then they said it wasn't a big deal. They are still saying that. Inve....>> More

MP3 Available!John Stauber (1/23/2006): John Stauber, Author of Mad Cow U.S.A. gives an updage on the state of affairs. To date, 160 people (that we know of) have died world wide from mad cow disease. That may not seem like a lot but this d....>> More

MP3 Available!Johnny Iuzzini (5/30/2010): Johnny Iuzzini is the executive pastry chef of the world-renowned Jean Georges restaurant in New York City, won the award for Outstanding Pastry Chef from the James Beard Foundation in 2006. He joins....>> More

MP3 Available!Johnny Schuler (7/11/2012): Francis talks about his recent visit to Bulgaria. Mark and Francis welcome Johnny Schuler of Pisco Porton to the show to discuss Pisco Porton and the difference between Chilean and Peruvian Pisco an....>> More

MP3 Available!Jon Rowley (3/5/2007): Jon Rowley has received national marketing awards and considerable media coverage for programs he has initiated such as Bruce Gore Signature Salmon and fresh Copper River King Salmon. He has a particu....>> More

MP3 Available!Jon Taffer (10/19/2011): Mark and Francis begin the show with a discussion on the place of migrant workers in the American economy and the role they play on farms across America. For their interview, they welcome Jon Taffer,....>> More

MP3 Available!Jose Andres (3/12/2008): If you've recently ordered tapas at your favorite trendy restaurant -- you can probably thank Chef Jose Andres for popularizing the Spanish 'appetizer.' For a number of years now, he'....>> More

MP3 Available!Josh Ozersky (1/24/2008): Josh Ozersky is the online food editor for New York Magazine, helming the "Grub Street" blog. The former food writer for Newsday magazine, Mr. Ozersky is the author of three books: Archie Bu....>> More

MP3 Available!Josh Ozersky (2/20/2013): Mark and Francis start the show discussing the recent firing of an Applebee's employee after she posted a copy of someone's receipt on her website after that person crossed out her added gratu....>> More

MP3 Available!Josh Schonwald (10/3/2012): Mark and Francis discuss Francis's recent trip to Ireland and Belfast Restaurant Week. Their guest is Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food. They di....>> More

MP3 Available!Joy Manning of Philadelphia Style Magazine (6/9/2006): The City of Brotherly Love has a hot restaurant scene. Joining the guys to talk about gastro pubs, BYO restaurants and the empire of Stephen Starr is Joy Manning senior editor at Philadelphia STYLE ma....>> More

MP3 Available!Judith Jones (5/15/2008): Judith Jones is senior editor and vice president at Alfred A Knopf, where she has worked since 1957. She is co-author with Evan Jones of three books. Recently, she has contributed to Vogue, Saveur, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Julia Flynn Siler (8/29/2007): Julia Flynn Siler received her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Business. She had written for The New York Times and had been a London-based correspondent for Business Week and The Wall S....>> More

MP3 Available!Julie Reiner (2/13/2008): Julie Reiner, owner of The Flatiron Lounge, was born in Hawaii and worked as a cocktail server prior to moving to San Francisco, and ultimately Manhattan. She calls her style of drink-making "ne....>> More

Junk Food In Schools (6/13/2005): Mark and Francis discuss recent legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Craig Stanley of Essex County. This legislation would prohibit the sale of junk food and soda in our public schools.....>> More

MP3 Available!Justin Hartung (2/5/2007): As the Restaurants Editor for, Justin Hartung is responsible for covering the entire New York dining scene including new restaurants as well as uncovering seasonal culinary trends. Prio....>> More

MP3 Available!Karen Bussen (9/20/2006): Karen Bussen's designs and advice have appeared in national and regional magazines including Home, Food & Wine, Interior Design and Country Living. She is a top event designer and planner. Sh....>> More

MP3 Available!Karen Bussen (11/17/2010): The guys start the show with a discussion of at home winemaking companies and the different pitfalls and pleasures of amateur wine-making. Their guest for the day is Karen Bussen, a well-known New Yor....>> More

MP3 Available!Karen Hudson (10/18/2006): Karen Hudson lives on a fifth generation family farm in Illinois. She is a graduate of Illinois State University and has a Bachelors Degree in education. She is President of F.A.R.M. (Families Against....>> More

Karen King (3/22/2005): Karen is a noted wine expert and service manager. She has worked for Danny Meyer for years, heading up the wine program at Union Square, then at Gramercy Tavern and now she is Beverage Director at Th....>> More

MP3 Available!Kate Krader (12/29/2006): So Francis had a great time in New York with dinner at Hearth and Cocktails at Angel's Share. Mark on the other hand was hoping to have a nice dinner with his lovely wife Jen. Staying close to hom....>> More

MP3 Available!Kate Krader - Food & Wine's Best New Chefs (5/19/2006): Kate Krader is a Senior Editor at Food & Wine magazine, overseeing its news, trend and restaurant coverage. During her long tenure at the monthly magazine, she has lead Food & Wine's annua....>> More

MP3 Available!Kathleen Flinn (12/7/2007): Kathleen Flinn is a journalist and food writer based in Seattle. Ms. Flinn's eccentrically titled memoir, The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry, details her experiences after emptying her savin....>> More

MP3 Available!Kathleen Flinn (11/23/2011): Mark and Francis reminisce about their days of eating fast food in high school and college. Their guest is Kathleen Flinn, author of the Kitchen Counter Cooking School, a book that followed home cook....>> More

MP3 Available!Kathy Gunst (11/2/2011): Mark and Francis discuss why super fine dining restaurants are on the decline in popularity and how what people are looking for in restaurants has changed over the years they've been in the busine....>> More

MP3 Available!Katy Sparks (5/8/2006): Farm-raised vs. wild Salmon: A recent report concludes the benefits of Omega 3 outweigh the negative impact of PCBs found in some farm raised fish. A helpful source of information for making seafood p....>> More

Kent Rasmussen (7/1/2005): Kent says, "The wine business provides a life vertically integrated - from working the land, to making the wine, to running the business, to selling the wine--A Wonderful Life." We agree. Ke....>> More

MP3 Available!Kevin Zraly (12/28/2005): Kevin Zraly is one of the most interesting, dynamic and influential people in the wine world. He founded the wine program at Windows on the World back in 1975. His book, "The Windows on The Wor....>> More

MP3 Available!Kevin Zraly (9/8/2006): Kevin Zraly is the author of The Windows on The World Wine Course Book, the best selling wine book in history. Kevin was wine director at Windows on the world from 1976 till 2001 where he built the l....>> More

MP3 Available!Kevin Zraly (3/28/2011): Mark and Francis announce their guest judging appearance on Ucook! with Chef Bob, which is coming soon to a PBS station near you. Their guest is Kevin Zraly, author of the Windows on the World Comple....>> More

MP3 Available!Kevin Zraly (1/16/2013): Mark and Francis welcome back Kevin Zraly to the show to discuss the 27th Edition of his best-selling wine book, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course. The new version includes videos by way of QR....>> More

Kim Haasarud and Jeanne Kelley (5/7/2008): She's "the Liquid Chef," a professional beverage mixologist. Her name is Kim Haasarud, and she is the founder of Liquid Architecture, creating original beverage and bar concepts from Los....>> More

MP3 Available!Kim Severson (1/17/2007): Kim Severson writes for The New York Times. She's author of The Trans Fats Solution: Cooking and Shopping to Eliminate the Deadliest Fat from Your Diet. She's one of The Guys favorite food jo....>> More

MP3 Available!Kim Severson (4/17/2007): Kim Severson, a New York Times reporter before that she worked for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of The Trans Fats Solution: Cooking and Shopping to Eliminate the Deadliest Fat from Your Die....>> More

MP3 Available!Kim Severson (8/18/2009): Kim Severson has been a food writer and cultural commentator at the New York Times since 2004. Before that, she wrote and edited at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she received the Casey Medal for ....>> More

MP3 Available!Kim Severson Returns (12/5/2007): Kim Severson is one of the Restaurant Guys favorite repeat offenders. She's been a food writer and cultural commentator at the New York Time Since 2004. Before that, she wrote and edited at the S....>> More

MP3 Available!Kurt Wenzel (9/13/2007): An old friend of Mark and Francis, Kurt Wenzel has just release his third novel, a satirical thriller set in Los Angeles.....>> More

MP3 Available!La Petraia (9/28/2010): La Petraia: Mark and Francis travel to La Petraia, an agrotourismo in the Chinati Classico region of Italy. They walk through the property with Susan McKenna Grant and Marco Panichi and discuss the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Larry Stone (8/4/2005): The coveted Master Sommelier degree is held by fewer than 80 Americans. When the MS was conferred on dynamic and talented Larry Stone, he was the just the seventh American Master Sommelier. He has h....>> More

MP3 Available!Launny Steffens (9/20/2005): The Guys talk about the caloric value of several popular cocktails. On the high end: Pina Colada weighs in with 644 calories, Long Island Ice Tea a whopping 780 calories! Much more reasonable: Mohito ....>> More

MP3 Available!Lesley Townsend (3/30/2010): Lesley Townsend is the Founder and director of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and the founding director of Astor Center. A devout believer in the healing properties of madeira and a proud defender of....>> More

MP3 Available!Lesley Townsend (4/11/2012): Mark and Francis discuss old-school cocktails they found in an old cocktail book written by African-American bartender, Tom Bullock. Their guest is Lesley Townsend, founder of the Manhattan Cocktail ....>> More

MP3 Available!Lesley Townsend & Hayden Lambert (9/11/2009): The Guys welcome Lesley Townsend from The Manhattan Cocktail Classic to talk about the upcoming event in New York. Then, they reach across the pond to their friend Hayden Lambert, a top mixologists f....>> More

MP3 Available!Leslie Brenner (1/18/2007): LESLIE BRENNER is the author of five books about food and wine, as well as the highly acclaimed novel, Greetings From the Golden State. A finalist for the Prix Medicis, the coveted French award for fi....>> More

MP3 Available!Leslie Sbracco (2/15/2007): Leslie Sbrocco is an award-winning author, writer, speaker, and television host whose entertaining approach makes learning about wine and food fun. Her first book, WINE FOR WOMEN: A GUIDE TO BUYING, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Lettie Teague (2/2/2007): Lettie Teague is the Wine Editor at Food & Wine Magazine. She is here today to talk to The Guys about the magazine's American Wine Awards as well as a recent article she wrote, "The Secr....>> More

MP3 Available!Lettie Teague (3/23/2007): Lettie Teague is an executive editor at Food & Wine magazine. She writes a monthly column for the magazine, "Wine Matters," for which she won the 2003 James Beard M.F.K. Fisher Distingui....>> More

Lettie Teague (11/23/2007): Lettie Teague is an executive editor at Food & Wine magazine. She writes a monthly column for the magazine, "Wine Matters," for which she won the 2003 James Beard M. F. K. Fisher Disting....>> More

MP3 Available!Lidia Bastianich (12/6/2010): Mark and Francis start the show with a discussion of the mystery of the red bees of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Lidia Bastianich is one of the most-loved chefs on television, a best-selling cookbook author, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Lies, Damned Lies, and (10/17/2005): While The Guys are all for truth in labeling, a lawsuit has been filed against the dairy industry, in which the complainants want milk to have a warning label that states milk may be hazardous to peop....>> More

MP3 Available!Linda Faillace (2/20/2007): Fran Wood, columnist for the Newark Star Ledger, recently was outraged by one NJ towns approach to ridding itself of pesky Canadian geese. The geese were lured into a box and then quickly, their necks....>> More

MP3 Available!Lionello Marchese (7/19/2010): Lionello Marchese joins Mark and Francis at Vinitaly to discuss his wine, Castello di Monastero. They discuss Lionello's previous businesses and how that business experience relates to the busine....>> More

MP3 Available!Lisa Laird Dunn (7/22/2009): The Laird Family has been producing Applejack in Scobeyville since the 1600's. The commercial distillery was established in 1780 and is America's oldest native distillery. There were once hu....>> More

MP3 Available!Litter Tax (5/2/2006): The Oakland, California City Council recently approved a tax that will force some businesses on litter-choked streets to help pay to clean up trash their customers left behind. Jane Brunner, member of....>> More

MP3 Available!Livio Felluga (9/18/2008): Livio Felluga is an Italian winemaker whose estate reaches over 160 hectares in the hill country of Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli. His wines range from dry to sweet and from red to white. Hi....>> More

MP3 Available!Liz Pearson (6/15/2007): Liz Pearson joined Saveur in September 2005 as its kitchen director after having been both an intern and a freelancer for the magazine. A graduate of both Bard College and the Culinary Institute of Am....>> More

MP3 Available!Liz Pearson of Saveur Magazine Returns (11/23/2007): Liz Pearson is a returning guest to the show she is the director of the test kitchen at Saveur Magazine and also the writer of the Pantry section. She became the director in September of 2005 after ha....>> More

MP3 Available!Liza Queen (8/11/2005): Liza Queen, a chef/restaurateur from Brooklyn, is getting a lot of attention for her no nonsense entirely market-based cuisine. Conceived as a bare-bones, neighborhood restaurant with a menu made up....>> More

MP3 Available!Lucy Lean (10/12/2011): Mark and Francis discuss Francis's recent visit to the New York City restaurant Tertulia. Their guest is Lucy Lean, author of the new book Made in America: Our Best Chefs Reinvent Comfort Food. ....>> More

MP3 Available!Lynne Olver / The Food Timeline (5/15/2007): A reference librarian with a passion for food history. Food history credentials include contributorship to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America. Ms. Olver consults regularly with food ....>> More

MP3 Available!Macaroni & Cheese and Honey (11/10/2006): Sarita Ekya loved Kraft Macaroni & Cheese growing up in Halifax. She and her husband Cesar enjoyed going to dinner at Peanut Butter & Co, a restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it, pean....>> More

MP3 Available!Marc Vetri / Dr Elizabeth Babcock (4/18/2008): Marc Vetri is chef/owner of Vetri and Osteria Restaurants in Philadelphia. He has won the James Beard award for "Best Chef -- Midatlantic" and has been named one of America's top ten ne....>> More

MP3 Available!Marco Pierre White (5/24/2007): Marco Pierre White was the youngest chef to achieve three Michelin stars and also the first chef to achieve three Michelin stars in England. Known as much for his quick temper as for his exceptional ....>> More

MP3 Available!Marcus Samuelsson (4/23/2007): Marcus Samuelsson is the chef and co-owner of Aquavit, a restaurant offering innovative interpretations of classic Scandinavian cuisine that marries the traditional with the contemporary. He is also ....>> More

MP3 Available!Margaret M. Wittenberg (2/6/2008): Margaret M. Wittenberg is an acclaimed authority on natural and organic foods and environmental sustainability. She is VP of Communications and Quality Standards for Whole Foods Market Inc., the natio....>> More

MP3 Available!Margo True (8/1/2007): Margo True is an editor at Sunset Magazine. She's written and edited for Saveur, Gourmet, and many other publications. The daughter of a foreign service officer, she spent much of her childhood tr....>> More

MP3 Available!Marian Betancourt (7/30/2007): Marian Betancourt is a freelance writer based in New York City. She writes food features for the Associated Press and has written for other publications, including Chocolatier and Travel & Leisur....>> More

MP3 Available!Marion Nestle (9/13/2006): Marion Nestle is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University. Her degrees include a Ph.D. in molecular biology and an M.P.H. in public health n....>> More

MP3 Available!Marissa Guggiana (10/26/2011): Mark and Francis start the show with a discussion about the kinds of deep fried foods you can eat at state fairs across the country. Mark and Francis welcome Marissa Guggiana, author of Off the Menu:....>> More

Mark Bittman (10/13/2005): Mark Bittman writes The Minimalist column for the New York Times. He is also one of America's best selling cookbook authors. Among his many books, "How to Cook Everything" won a James ....>> More

MP3 Available!Mark Canlis (7/9/2009): Mark Canlis is the middle of the three Canlis sons and is proud to have grown up in a restaurant family. In addition to being a Cornell graduate and former Captain in Air Force Special Operations, Mar....>> More

Mark Doherty (7/22/2005): The Guys welcome Mark Doherty to trace his path from restaurant manager in New Jersey (where Francis worked for him way back when) to winemaker at the prestigious Hirsch Vineyards in Sonoma. Hirsch Vi....>> More

MP3 Available!Mark Kurlansky (5/22/2006): Mark Kurlansky is the New York Times bestselling and James A. Beard Award-winning author of Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World; Salt: A World History; 1968: The Year that Rocked the W....>> More

MP3 Available!Mark Kurlansky (5/29/2008): Mark Kurlansky is an award-winning and best-selling author who has written more than a dozen books -- most of which explore the history of food and humanity. He's with us today to expand a bit mo....>> More

MP3 Available!Mark Kurlansky (10/26/2009): The Guys respond to NY Times writer Frank Bruni's conjecture as to how the economy is causing restaurants to be understaffed in the first segment of this show. Mark and Francis have their own idea....>> More

MP3 Available!Mary Ann Esposito (2/14/2005): One of America's most loved and longest running television chefs, Mary Ann Esposito joins The Restaurant Guys to reminisce with Mark about their common Italian culinary heritage, to discuss Italia....>> More

MP3 Available!Mary Ewing Mulligan (9/15/2006): Mary Ewing-Mulligan is a prominent wine educator, author, and wine writer. She is one of the first American Masters of Wine (MW) and the first female to hold that title. She also President of the Int....>> More

Max McCalman (2/14/2005): Max is more responsible than any other person for the emergence of high quality artisanal cheese on American fine dining menus. He is unmatched in his passion for, and knowledge of cheese. We first me....>> More

MP3 Available!Maya Van Rossum "The Delaware Riverkeeper" (5/23/2006): Maya Van Rossum is "The Delaware Riverkeeper" and it her job to be the voice of the Delaware river which is 330 miles long and its watershed covers 13,000 square miles and includes portions ....>> More

MP3 Available!Melanie Dunea (10/25/2007): Melanie Dunea is a world-renowned photographer, with her work featured in publications such as Vanity Fair, People, Newsweek, and Gourmet among many others. She has received many awards for her work i....>> More

MP3 Available!Melissa Clark (3/31/2006): The Guys talk about some events upcoming in their restaurants, including "The Last Smoker at Stage Left" before the smoking ban goes into effect. Also planning a Cocktail Dinner at Catherine....>> More

Melissa Clark (10/3/2006): Guys along with some family and friends went to the "Big Pig Gig" at Daisy May's. A great experience. The pig was perfect! Food Writer Melissa Clark, "Chef Interrupted", retur....>> More

MP3 Available!Melissa Hamilton (2/14/2005): Melissa talks with us about food the way people cook it at home all over the world. She talks with the guys about real food and taste; about food and cuisine binding communities and her own roots in ....>> More

MP3 Available!Mercury in Fish: Oceana vs. Fishscam (1/27/2006): Recently we've seen a lot of news about the reports from the EPA warning of high levels of contamination in fish and warnings of the FDA that pregnant women and children especially should limit th....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Beattie (6/27/2012): Mark and Francis talk about Niman Ranch beef and an event they went to recently. Their guest is Michael Beattie, the head of the American Wagyu Association. They discuss the recent article in Forbes....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Gelb (7/13/2010): Michael J Gelb is the author of the book Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking. He is a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning and innovatve leadership. He joins the guys to ....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ginor (7/19/2005): Michael joined The Guys to talk about foie gras from breeding to marketing. Ginor says, "We use everything but the quack" said. Several states, including New York, are looking at banning t....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Green (12/3/2007): "Wine Lovers: The Musical" is the world's first, interactive wine-tasting musical, premiered off-Broadway the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was the brainchild (or shall we say it cam....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Green and Ricky Crawford (7/25/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Michael Green and Ricky Crawford to the show. Michael Green joins them to talk about his plays, as well as about the exciting Spanish wine region of La Mancha. Ricky Crawfor....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Petrone / AAA (5/2/2007): Michael Petrone has 30 years of experience working in association with the Hospitality Industry. He is a certified executive chef by the American Culinary Federation. The ACF is the largest and most....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Psilakis (11/14/2007): Among big league restaurateurs and celebrity chefs, his is a household name. It might be hard to pronounce, but Michael Psilakis is fast-becoming one of the top chefs in the nation. And his name -- ....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ruhlman (10/14/2005): Michael Ruhlman has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Gourmet and Food Arts magazines. Among his many books, there are several on food and cooking. The Making of a Chef was writ....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ruhlman (2/27/2006): Our first review for Catherine Lombardi: 3 1/2 Stars from Cody Kendall of the Newark Star Ledger. To quote Mark, "YIPPEE!!!" The Guys welcome back Michael Ruhlman, author of several books ....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ruhlman (1/15/2009): Michael Ruhlman is a freelance journalist who authors a popular blog and whose work has appeared in the New York Times. Ruhlman has co-authored several cookbooks with some of the country's leading....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ruhlman (8/25/2009): Michael Ruhlman joins the guys to discuss his exciting new book Ratio. From Booklist: Ruhlman, who explained the basic ingredients, tools, and cookbooks essential to the home chef in The Elements of C....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael Ruhlman: Reach of a Chef (9/22/2006): It's that time of year again! Francis and Chef Anthony Bucco attended the "Fancy Food Show" in New York. Not so fancy any more! Word of warning: Don't be suckered in by inferior pr....>> More

MP3 Available!Michael White (4/30/2008): Michael White has taken over the reigns as Executive Chef for two of New York's top Italian Restaurants L'Impero and Alto. He also is Chef -Partner at Due Terre in Bernardsville New Jersey.....>> More

MP3 Available!Michaele Weissman (9/3/2008): Michaele Weissman is a journalist and author who writes about food, families, business, and American culture. Her work appears frequently in publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Po....>> More

MP3 Available!Michel Nischan (2/8/2007): Michel Nischan is a renowned chef, bestselling cookbook author and avid proponent of sustainable farming. He is credited with creating a cuisine of well-being. His cuisine is focused on a respect fo....>> More

MP3 Available!Mimi Sheraton (5/17/2007): Mimi Sheraton was born into a food-loving family in Brooklyn. Her mother was an excellent cook and her father was a commission merchant in the Washington Market, a wholesale produce market. Growing up....>> More

MP3 Available!Nanci Alexander (4/19/2007): Nanci Alexander has been a leader and visionary working for a more compassionate worldly outlook for animals. Nanci has been noted as saying she has always been concerned about animals and their right....>> More

MP3 Available!Nancy Huehnergarth (1/11/2012): Mark and Francis discuss the word "artisanal" and how some companies are misappropriating its use for things that are not, in fact, artisanal. Their guest is Nancy Huehnergarth, author of a ....>> More

MP3 Available!Nancy Silva (6/29/2007): Nancy Silva is a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of California specializing in clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and lifestyle counseling. Having earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic m....>> More

MP3 Available!Natalie MacLean (11/14/2005): The Guys welcome Canadian Wine Expert Natalie MacLean to talk about her successful website, unique career path and a variety of wine topics. Natalie went from successful high tech marketer to wine exp....>> More

MP3 Available!Natalie MacLean (12/7/2011): Mark and Francis welcome Natalie MacLean, the Canadian wine writer. They discuss Natalie's new book, Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World's Best Bargain Wines. They discuss what makes a....>> More

MP3 Available!Natalie MacLean (returns) (6/21/2007): Natalie MacLean is a wine writer and an accredited sommelier. She has won numerous awards including four James Beard Journalism Awards and she had been names the World's best drink writer. Her wri....>> More

MP3 Available!Natalie MacLean Holiday Wines (12/11/2007): Sometimes the toughest part about the holiday season is calculating how many pounds of turkey you'll need for all your guests, which vegetables to serve as side dishes, and whether your mother-in-....>> More

MP3 Available!Nathanael Johnson (7/31/2006): Nathanael Johnson is a freelance journalist in San Francisco. He covers a variety of topics, especially the nexus of science, technology, environment, culture and agriculture. With an interest in fo....>> More

MP3 Available!Neal Rosenthal (2/14/2005): In our opinion, Neal is one of most important wine importers in America. His wines are archetypal and we have learned more about the wine world from drinking Neal's wine that from any book we have....>> More

MP3 Available!New Jersey Wines; Dunkin Donuts (2/24/2006): The wines of New Jersey. If you have an opinion about them it better be a good one! Food writer and frequent Restaurant Guys guest Anthony Giglio wrote an article in New Jersey Life magazine recently ....>> More

MP3 Available!Next Iron Chef Aaron Sanchez (11/6/2007): Aaron Sanchez is a leading contemporary Latin chef in the United States. He co-hosted "Melting Pot" on the Food Network with fellow Chef Alex Garcia. He has opened several restaurants, inclu....>> More

MP3 Available!Next Iron Chefs: Marou Ouattara and Gavin Kaysen (11/16/2007): Morou is the chef and owner of Farrah Olivia Restaurant in Alexandria, Virgina. Growing up on the Ivory Coast, Morou's first inspiration in the kitchen came from his mother. Combining African, Fre....>> More

Nicholas and Melissa Harary (7/1/2005): Nicholas and Melissa own and operate one of the finest restaurants in New Jersey, just North or Red Bank. They have worked all across America in some of the finest restaurants. Their elegant restauran....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Harary (9/28/2005): Nicholas Harary is one of the most highly regarded chefs in New Jersey--and that's not just Mark and Francis' opinion but also that of the New York Times, which recently said that very thing i....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Harary (6/14/2006): Nicholas Harary is one of the most highly regarded and acclaimed chefs in New Jersey. He is the owner an chef of highly acclaimed restaurant "Nicholas" in Red Bank New Jersey. "Nicholas....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Harary (5/8/2007): Are most great dates related to food? The Guys ponder. Then they are joined but their friend and fellow restaurateur, Nicholas Harary of Restaurant Nicholas for a lively discussion on culinary educat....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Harary (12/31/2009): Mark and Francis talk about the new rating system implemented by the New York times regional section. What once was a two star rating (a good rating in Mark and Francis' mind) is reduced to OK in ....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Harary and John Kafarski (6/12/2006): Hooray: Soft drink manufacturers have agreed to remove all sodas from grammar schools and have only sugar free soft drinks in high schools. The announcement was made by the William J. Clinton Foundati....>> More

MP3 Available!Nicholas Joly; Alison Barshak (3/29/2006): The guys opening segment touches on biodynamic wines and specifically, one of their favorite winemakers Nicholas Joly. His book, Wine from Sky to Earth is the most famous book on the subject. His win....>> More

MP3 Available!Nick Fauchald (4/2/2007): Nick Fauchald, senior associate editor of Food & Wine. Born and raised in Minnesota. Went to school at St. Olaf College, worked at a Minneapolis city/regional magazine after college, moved to New....>> More

MP3 Available!Nick Fauchald (2/24/2011): Mark and Francis start the show with a discussion of genetically modified foods and the effect they are having on weeds and the advent of roundup resistant weeds and corn as a weed. Their guest is Ni....>> More

Nicolette Hahn Niman (3/8/2005): Nicolette Hahn's Op-Ed piece on humane animal husbandry was insightful and informative. She owns with her husband, Niman Ranch, the lead ranch in a network of family operations practicing sustain....>> More

MP3 Available!Nina Planck (8/4/2006): The Guys talk about the benefits of local honey. Did you know that there is evidence that eating local honey could help reduce the effects of allergies? Some of The Guys favorite honey is imported by ....>> More

MP3 Available!No Kids Aloud; Sam Gugino (11/25/2005): "I'd like to sit in the no children section please." Mark and Francis discuss the policy recently instituted by a Chicago coffee shop which posts a sign "Children of all ages must u....>> More

MP3 Available!Nora Pouillon (7/12/2006): Nora Pouillon is a social entrepreneur and champion of organic cuisine. Born and raised in Austria, she spent several years on a self-sufficient farm, which influenced her understanding of the role of....>> More

Obesity (7/14/2006): Kelly Brownell is Professor in the Department of Psychology at Yale University, where he also serves as Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health and as Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy a....>> More

OCA (8/24/2005): The Guys welcome Craig Minowa, Environmental Scientist of The Organic Consumers Organization. They help all causes related to organic and family farming. Some argue that we need genetically modified f....>> More

MP3 Available!Oreos, Moraga Wines and More! (7/12/2005): Big News: Kraft, the maker of Oreo cookies has decided to make their cookies more like real food! Gone will be the trans-fats that help preserve the product! Tom Jones of Moraga Vineyards joins Mark ....>> More

MP3 Available!Oscar Schofield (11/7/2005): The Guys started the show by talking about canned tuna. Not the starkist "5 pack bags" (one for every day of the week -- if you are fasting on weekends) but rather delicious Ventresca Tuna, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Pat Willard (11/17/2008): Pat Willard is the author of the recently published, 'America Eats!--On the Road with the WPA. She has written three other books about food and has written numerous articles and maintains her webs....>> More

MP3 Available!Patricia Wells (7/13/2007): Patricia Wells is one of the leading American authorities on French cuisine. She is a teacher and an award winning assembler of fine cookbooks. Her latest project is Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at t....>> More

MP3 Available!Patricia Wells Returns (11/5/2008): Patricia Wells has lived in Paris with her husband, Walter Wells, for nearly 30 years. She runs a popular cooking school in Paris and is the author of over 10 books. She was also the restaurant crit....>> More

MP3 Available!Patrick O'Connell (3/22/2006): The Inn at Little Washington is considered one of the finest places to stay and dine in the world. Years ago, Mark and Francis enjoyed a couple of evenings there and they feel it was extraordinary. Ch....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Grieco (4/7/2008): Paul Grieco, General Manager of Hearth Restaurant in New York City. He spent many of his early years in the company of his family perfecting the details of service. His career in New York City began a....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Hobbs (1/19/2006): From his humble beginnings as one of 11 children in upstate New York Paul Hobbs has emerged as one of the world's great wine makers. His wines are some of the most saught after in the world. Start....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Hobbs (1/22/2008): Paul Hobbs is one of the most sought-after winemakers on three continents. The Wine Spectator has hailed Paul among the top winemakers in California as well as in Argentina and Chile. The chef has som....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Hobbs (1/28/2009): Paul Hobbs is one of the most sought-after winemakers on three continents. The Wine Spectator hailed Paul among the top winemakers in California as well as Argentina and Chile. (They're right, of ....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Lang (4/14/2006): Paul Lang has had a varied and interesting career. From working as a cook for a Count and Contessa in Tuscany to being a sommelier at Mario Batali's restaurant, Babbo, Paul has now launched his o....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Lukacs & Stephen Starr goes to NYC (4/28/2006): The Guys read Andrea Strong's (of and former show guest) review of Philadelphia Restaurateur Stephen Starr's foray into New York City. Here's a piece of her review: MY....>> More

Paul Samier (2/14/2005): Paul's company has pioneered transcontinental shipping of freshly caught Hawaiian using technology developed for the space program. Some of the finest fish in the world can arrive fresh at your do....>> More

MP3 Available!Paul Virant (5/2/2012): Mark and Francis discuss their recent trip to DeBragga and Spitler and what they learned about aging meat. Their guest is Michelin-starred chef, Paul Virant, author of the new book The Preservation K....>> More

MP3 Available!Perfume and Wendy Orent; Bird Flu (4/10/2006): Want your woman to smell like Sauternes? Bordeaux negociant Ginestet has designed a line of perfumes derived from wine molecules. Now if you add David Burke's flavor spray your sweetheart can smel....>> More

Peter Hoffman (7/1/2005): Peter has had a great influence on our own restaurants. He was an early proponent of seasonally driven, local-market-driven cuisine. He has served in the governance of The Union Square greenmarket in ....>> More

MP3 Available!Peter Hoffman and Jessica Prentice (11/3/2006): Peter has had a great influence on our own restaurants. He was an early proponent of seasonally driven, local-market-driven cuisine. He has served in the governance of The Union Square greenmarket in ....>> More

MP3 Available!Peter Meehan (2/12/2007): Peter Meehan writes the Under $25 column for the New York Times and contributes to Life magazine. He helped bring the popular public television series How to Cook Everything: Bittman Takes on America....>> More

MP3 Available!Peter Schleimer (2/1/2005): Peter discusses Austrian wine in America. It's all the rage. Vintages Peter Recommends: 2004: Dry, Bouncy, Light 2001, 2002: Little Lighter and Little Higher In Acidity 2003, 2000: Fuller....>> More

MP3 Available!Peter Schleimer (12/5/2005): Mark and Francis welcome their old friend, Austrian Restaurant Critic and Wine Writer Peter Schleimer to the show to talk about the food and wine scene in Austria and Austrian food and wine in America....>> More

MP3 Available!Pew Intiative on Biotechnology and Food (2/22/2007): The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology was established in 2001 to be an independent and objective source of credible information on agricultural biotechnology for the public, media and policymak....>> More

Phil Kline (9/15/2006): Phil Kline is a senior Fisheries Policy advisor for Oceana. Prior to moving to DC, he spent 26 years as a commercial fisherman. For three years (1994-96), he served on the Groundfish Advisory Panel to....>> More

MP3 Available!Phoebe Damrosch (9/25/2007): Phoebe Damrosch is the author of Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter in which she describes her experience as a female captain at world-famous restaurant Per Se. She joins u....>> More

MP3 Available!Poppy Tooker of Slow Food; Paul Roberts, MS, The French Laundry (10/2/2006): On October 5, 2006, Slow Food USA will host its second annual gala, Fertile Ground: Celebrating Our Food Community. Slow Food founder and president, Carlo Petrini, will be on hand to present the firs....>> More

Randall Grahm (6/10/2005): Randall's Bonny Doon Winery is one of the most unconventional wineries in California. Randall is the reason of course. One of the most interesting and intelligent winemakers in the world, he joins....>> More

MP3 Available!Randy Bernstein (5/15/2006): Top Chef is the one and only Reality TV cooking show that The Guys actually like! The success of the show is in part due to the fact that there are actual chefs cooking actual food in this competition....>> More

MP3 Available!Randy Clemens (12/28/2011): Mark and Francis discuss the upcoming New Year's Eve celebrations across the US and specifically, in New Brunswick, NJ. Their guest is Randy Clemens, co-author of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co: L....>> More

Ray Isle (11/3/2006): Senior wine editor at Food & Wine, Ray Isle writes the monthly "Tasting Room" column. Formerly the managing editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine, his articles about wine, food and spiri....>> More

MP3 Available!Ray Isle Returns (10/12/2007): Ray Isle is the Senior Editor of Wine at Food & Wine magazine, where his "Tasting Room" column is published monthly. He previously held the position of Managing Editor at Wine & Spir....>> More

MP3 Available!Rebecca Mead (8/10/2007): Rebecca Mead is a staff writer at the New Yorker. She joins us today to discuss her new book, One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding.....>> More

MP3 Available!Red Tide (7/11/2005): Oscar Schofield, Associate Professor of Marine Biology and Ocean Optics discusses Red Tide, its effects on the ocean environment and seafood. Some evidence suggests that the frequency of red tide or &....>> More

MP3 Available!Restaurant Auctions (8/23/2005): The Guys reminisce about their experiences with restaurant auctions as both buyers and sellers. Some great buys are to be had--they could not have opened Stage Left without buying items at auction. St....>> More

Restaurant TV and Preserving Fruit (7/15/2005): Mark and Francis talk about restaurant based "reality" shows such as "The Restaurant" Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" featuring Gordon Ramsay and PBS's "Cooking U....>> More

MP3 Available!Restaurants Help with Hurricane Katrina (10/10/2005): The Guys welcome Deborah Dowdell of the New Jersey Restaurant Association to talk about the effects of Hurricane Katrina and how the restaurant industry is helping out. One in ten people in New Orlean....>> More

MP3 Available!Richard Grausman (8/16/2005): Richard Grausman--cookbook author, culinary instructor and founder of C-CAP (Careers through the Culinary Arts Program) a school-to-career program that links public high schools to the foodservice ind....>> More

MP3 Available!Richard Manning (7/26/2005): Author Richard Manning talks about modern agriculture and sustainability, especially with regard to the prairie. Was the prairieland of this country more productive in its natural state? Areas of the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Rick Moonen (7/19/2006): From his days at Water Cafe and Oceana to his own "RM Seafood" in New York Chef Moonen is one of America's best chefs. He and The Guys have known each other for years and Rick has cooke....>> More

MP3 Available!Rick Tramonto (4/25/2006): Rick Tramonto's 25-year restaurant career has been a climb to the stars. "Tramonto is a blend of mad scientist and magician in the kitchen. He is innovative, creative and somewhat an illusion....>> More

MP3 Available!Road Food (9/16/2005): Michael Stern, together with his wife Jane, publishes Road Food; a coast to coast guide to 600 of the best barbeque joints, lobster shacks, ice cream parlors and highway diners in the country. Jane a....>> More

MP3 Available!Rob Ilvento (2/4/2008): They have sold more than 300 million chicken wings -- and it all started here in the Garden State! If you went to college in New Jersey in the last 15 years -- you probably ate at a Cluck U franchise....>> More

MP3 Available!Robert Kenner: Food Inc. (8/31/2009): Erich Schlosser and Robert Kenner have made one of the most explosive film ever about how our food is made and who own it all. Time Magazine calls the film "Bracing, compassionate, thrilling and....>> More

MP3 Available!Robert Simonson (11/7/2012): In their first show post-Superstorm Sandy, the guys welcome New York Times cocktail columnist Robert Simonson to the show.

Robert Simonson writes about spirits, cocktails, and wine for the New Y....>> More

MP3 Available!Robert Tinnell (3/8/2006): The guys review their recent "review" of Catherine Lombardi in the New York Times. "Very Good" is in fact good news. Could have been "excellent" but we still need to twea....>> More

Robert Tinnell (12/19/2007): Robert Tinnell is a prolific comic and graphic novel writer who also had a "prior" life as a Hollywood director (his movies starred Burt Reynolds, Elisha Cuthbert and Ryan Gosling). His Fea....>> More

MP3 Available!Robyn Flipse (2/21/2007): In "Fighting the Freshman Fifteen" Robyn Flipse warns us about the danger of overeating, overdrinking and under indulging when one enters college. This book is meant to serve as a road map f....>> More

MP3 Available!Roger Dagorn, M.S. (7/28/2005): Roger Dagorn is one of the leading authorities on wine in America. One of fewer than 100 people who hold the title of Master Sommelier in the entire U.S., he is not only one of the best, but also per....>> More

Roger Sherman (10/24/2007): Roger Sherman was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary, short subject for his film, The Garden of Eden. His newest film is The American Brew, which tells the history of beer in America. He jo....>> More

MP3 Available!Roger Sherman (8/30/2007): Roger Sherman was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary, short subject for his film, The Garden of Eden. His newest film is The American Brew, which tells the history of beer in America. He jo....>> More

MP3 Available!Ron Cooper (4/7/2006): Mezcal has had a long history in Mexico. Made from agave, this was once a highly prized and controlled beverage used in weddings, funeral, births, etc. Anyone drinking it outside of these sanctioned o....>> More

MP3 Available!Ron Cooper (6/13/2012): Ron Cooper, founder of Del Maguey, a company specializing in single village Mezcals, joins Mark and Francis to discuss the differences between tequila, sotol, and mezcal, what these villages are like,....>> More

MP3 Available!Rosie Saferstein (6/21/2005): From index cards to the internet Rosie, the "Scoopstress" of the New Jersey restaurant scene, has long been on top of all things happening in the restaurant business. Rosie discusses how she....>> More

MP3 Available!Rosie Saferstein (1/13/2006): Mark and Francis continue talking about food and restaurants trends predicted for 2006. To talk about the restaurant scene in New Jersey, The Guys welcome back Rosie Saferstein to talk about restauran....>> More

MP3 Available!Rowan Jacobsen (10/17/2007): Rowan Jacobsen is a staff writer for the Art of Eating. He is also the author of Chocolate Unwrapped. He joins us today to discuss his new book, A Geography of Oysters: The Connoisseur's Guide t....>> More

MP3 Available!Rowan Jacobsen (12/26/2008): Rowan Jacobsen writes about food, the environment, and the connections between the two. He has written for the New York Times, Newsweek, Harper's, Saveur, Eating Well, Wondertime, The Art of Eatin....>> More

MP3 Available!Rowan Jacobsen (1/17/2011): Mark and Francis start the show off with a discussion about genetically engineered fish and the potential pitfalls of its possible legalization. Their guest is Rowan Jacobsen. Rowan Jacobsen is the Ja....>> More

MP3 Available!Rowan Jacobsen - Umami (11/29/2006): Rowan Jacobsen is Managing Editor of The Art of Eating and a frequent contributor to the magazine. He has written on topics ranging from tropical fruit to wasabi, umami, lobsters, and mead. As a ghost....>> More

MP3 Available!Rudolph Chelminski (11/2/2005): Bernard Loiseau was at the top of the culinary world in France. At the age of 52 he was proprietor of La Côte d'Or in the provincial Burgundy town of Saulieu, the restaurant he had almost si....>> More

MP3 Available!Rum in New Orleans (9/7/2012): The Guys recorded yet another show at Tales of The Cocktail in New Orleans. Back in the 9th Ward of the city, you will find the city's only rum distillery, the only rum distillery in The Big Easy....>> More

MP3 Available!Ruth Reichl (2/14/2005): Ruth joins Mark and Francis to discuss her tenure at The Times, living life in disguise, challanging assumptions, changing the way New York eats and her new book, Garlic and Sapphires. It's a liv....>> More

MP3 Available!Sally Schneider (1/22/2007): Sally Schneider is a former chef turned writer. She has written a syndicated newspaper column called "A New Way to Cook" and has been a contributor to such publications as Food and Wine and....>> More

MP3 Available!Salmon (6/16/2005): Tony Webber of Pescamax Industries in Alaska talks about fabulous Yukon River Salmon and Fair Trade certification. Look for the Kwikpac logo (right) for purchasing Yukon River Salmon. Profits go to he....>> More

MP3 Available!Salmon and Murder Rate; Pam Schoenfeld on The Nutrional Value of Traditional Diets (4/26/2006): Does poor diet lead to violent behaviour? The Guys review a recent article from the New York Times which reviews a study done in a British Prison. "Bernard Gesch, a senior research scientist at O....>> More

MP3 Available!Sam Gugino Talks Turkey (11/21/2006): Sam Gugino was once the restaurant critic for the Philadelphia Daily News and then food editor of the San Jose Mercury News. He's now safely back in Philadelphia. He is a contributing editor to ....>> More

MP3 Available!Sam Mogannam (12/14/2011): Mark and Francis welcome Sam Mogannam of Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco. They discuss the role of the supermarket in a community, why big business supermarkets are different from small supermarkets,....>> More

MP3 Available!Sanibel Sea School and Q Tonic (11/30/2007): Dr. James Bruce Neill is a marine biologist who is currently the Executive Director of the Sanibel Sea School. Neill dedicates his time to promote marine conservation through experiential education. H....>> More

Sasha Eisenberg (6/14/2007): In "The Sushi Economy", Philadelphia-based journalist Sasha Issenberg roams the globe in search of sushi and takes the reader on a cultural, historical and economic journey through the raw-f....>> More

MP3 Available!Scott Beattie (1/22/2009): Scott Beattie is bar manager at Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg, California and has used his experience to author Artisanal Cocktails: Drinks Inspired by the Seasons from the Bar at Cyrus. Scott makes ....>> More

MP3 Available!Sean Harrison (12/26/2006): Straight from the WCTC Newsroom: Hamburgers gone wild! The Guys review some "interesting" twists on the classic including serving a bacon cheese burger on a bun fashioned out of a Krispy Kre....>> More

MP3 Available!Sean Muldoon (12/19/2012): Francis first encountered Sean Muldoon's work many years ago in Belfast City. We dare say that Francis may have been the first American Cocktailian to wander in to the cocktail palace built in th....>> More

Seasonal Restaurants; Restaurant Consulting (7/27/2005): David Craig, whose family owns and runs The Washington Inn and The Pelican Club in Cape May, talks to The Guys about seasonal dining. The Washington Inn was just voted Best Wine List in South Jersey b....>> More

MP3 Available!Sebastian Beckwith (5/9/2012): Mark and Francis discuss tea with Sebastian Beckwith, one of the foremost tea experts in the United States and owner of the company, In Pursuit of Tea. They discuss the differences in kinds of tea, h....>> More

MP3 Available!Sergio Esposito (7/16/2008): Sergio Esposito is the owner of Italian Wine Merchants in New York City. He speaks at and hosts wine dinners throughout the country, has a much-visited Web site, and writes a popular e-mail newsletter....>> More

MP3 Available!Seth Roberts (12/6/2006): Seth Roberts, Ph.D. is a professor of phychology at the University of California at Berkeley. He serves on the editorial advisory board of the journal Nutrition and has published dozens of articles o....>> More

MP3 Available!Sheila Bowman (3/30/2007): Sheila Bowman is here to speak with us today about Sea Food Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sea Food Watch is a program of Monterey Bay Aquarium designed to raise consumer awareness about the impo....>> More

MP3 Available!Simon Hopkinson (2/21/2008): Simon Hopkinson was once called the best cook in Britain. He was the founding chef at Bibendum in London and has won awards for his column in The Independent. He is here today to discuss a book recent....>> More

MP3 Available!South Dakota Beef with Governor Mike Rounds (7/7/2005): South Dakota has launched a new certification program to distinguish its beef--and bring more revenue to its ranchers. Mark and Francis talk to Governor Mike Rounds about "South Dakota Certified ....>> More

MP3 Available!Star Power (3/20/2006): Long considered the premier guide in Europe Michelin has just released its first guide to New York. From Michelin Three Star Restaurants to the nearest star in the solar system The Guys talk about s....>> More

MP3 Available!Stephane Reynaud (8/8/2007): Author Stephane Reynaud has written the cookbook Pork and Sons, filled with fantastically vivid pictures of porcine delights. The book was awarded French Cookbook of the Year in 2006, but the title is....>> More

MP3 Available!Stephanie Izard (6/30/2008): Most people know our next guest by her first name. Her fans love her food, her grace, and of course her smile. We're proud to introduce Bravo TV's Season Four "Top Chef," Stephanie I....>> More

MP3 Available!Stephen Beaumont (3/1/2006): Stephen Beaumont has been writing about beer for over 15 years and was Canada's first national beer columnist. As he describes it "I sit around, drink beer and get paid for it." How cool....>> More

MP3 Available!Stephen Fried (5/6/2010): Mark and Francis discuss a new study from Princeton University on high fructose corn syrup and its effect on obesity. They also interview Stephen Fried, an award-winning investigative journalist , es....>> More

MP3 Available!Steve Ettlinger (5/3/2007): Steve Ettlinger has been an author, editor, and book producer since 1985, and has helped create over forty books. Just a dozen of those titles account for over a million copies. Six books relate dire....>> More

MP3 Available!Steve Olson (2/8/2012): Mark and Francis discuss the "innovative" new packaging of whiskey in a can and its possible pitfalls. Their guest is wine and spirits expert Steve Olson. They discuss responsible drinking....>> More

Steve Parker (4/22/2005): Steve comes on to discuss Whole Foods' revolutionary approach to business. Their business practices with their employees are so open that all employees are considered "insiders" by the S....>> More

MP3 Available!Steve Rinella Returns (6/20/2007): Steven Rinella is a Michigan native and a correspondent for Outside Magazine. He is a nature writer. His writings have appeared in the New York Times, Nerve Double Take and The Best American Travel Wr....>> More

MP3 Available!Steven Rinella (11/15/2006): Talk about a sugar high! Francis recently went on a dessert safari in New York with Executive Chef Anthony Bucco and Stage Left Sous Chef Jason Ramos. Some hot spots for dessert include "Room 4 D....>> More

MP3 Available!Steven Rinella (11/13/2009): In the first part of this episode, join The Guys as they recap their trip to New Orleans and Tales of Cocktail this summer. The American Buffalo is a key part of the history of the U.S. in addition t....>> More

Steven Witherly (7/1/2005): Steven Witherly joins The Guys to discuss his current project, a book entitled, "Why People Like Junk Food: Food Pleasure Explained." Listen to an in depth discussion of how taste works and ....>> More

MP3 Available!Steven Witherly (10/4/2007): Steven Witherly has a PhD in human nutrition and over 23 years of experience as a food scientist. He is the current CEO and president of Technical Products Inc. and has just published a new book "....>> More

MP3 Available!Steven Witherly Returns (9/18/2006): Steven Witherly joins The Guys to discuss his soon to be published book, "Why People Like Junk Food: Food Pleasure Explained." In this book, Witherly examines the techniques and approaches o....>> More

Summer Beverages and Summer Wines (6/24/2005): Mark and Francis rant about artificial flavors and "fake food". Ever notice that grape soda doesn't take anything like grapes? Beware of High Fructose Corn Syrup (your Grandmother never ....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan Linn (7/17/2006): The Guys discuss marketing to children with Susan Linn, an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Associate Director of the Media Center at Judge Baker Children's Center and is al....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan McKenna Grant (12/31/2008): Susan McKenna Grant is a culinary expert who specializes in "slow food" cooking, pastry making, and artisanal baking. After retiring as founder of computer graphic company Alias Research, Mc....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan McKenna Grant (3/6/2013): Mark and Francis open the show with another discussion about photography in restaurants. Their guest is Susan McKenna Grant, owner of La Petraia, in Rada, Chianti and author of the new book, Dinamica....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan Ridley (3/4/2006): Susan Ridley of The Hendry Ranch joins The Guys to talk about George Hendry's upcoming dinner at Stage Left this very week.....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan Samson (11/4/2005): Catherine Lombardi is opening soon! Part of the process in getting the restaurant open is hiring an entire staff. Mark & Francis have been holding marathon interview sessions to find people with &....>> More

MP3 Available!Susan Spungen (2/20/2006): Menus aren't just for ordering food any more. Oceanographers are using menus from 100 years ago to help determine the changes to fish populations around the world. Researchers could gage which pop....>> More

MP3 Available!Suzanne Goin (4/2/2008): Suzanne Goin was named Best Creative Chef by Boston magazine in 1994, one of the Best New Chefs by Food & Wine in 1999, and was nominated for a James Beard Award in 2003, 2004, and 2005. She and h....>> More

MP3 Available!Tabla (8/2/2005): Chef Floyd Cardoz, Executive Chef of Tabla (rated best Indian restaurant in New York by Zagat), was born in Bombay and studied cooking in both his native India and in Europe. As a child he wondered w....>> More

MP3 Available!Taggart Siegel (4/4/2012): Mark and Francis welcome Taggart Siegel, director of Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling Us? Their discussion covers everything related to the honeybee -- from how bees procreate to how monoc....>> More

MP3 Available!Tanya Steel (3/21/2007): Tanya Wenman Steel is Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning, CondeNet's premier food web site. This site incorporates editorial content from Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Self magazines a....>> More

MP3 Available!Tanya Wenman Steele (11/20/2008): Tanya Wenman Steele is editor in chief of the award-winning food website She is also the winner of a James Beard foundation journalism award and a regular guest on Today. She has writt....>> More

MP3 Available!Taras Grescoe (6/20/2008): Taras Grescoe has written articles on travel for The Times, Independent, Conde Nast Traveller (U.K.), National Geographic Traveler and the New York Times. His bestselling first book Sacre Blues: An Un....>> More

MP3 Available!Ted Breaux Returns (8/24/2007): Ted Breaux is a chemist and environmental microbiologist, who, in his spare time, has become one of the foremost authorities on absinthe. Besides being a knowledgeable source on the subject, he is al....>> More

MP3 Available!Ted Haigh (5/3/2006): Ted Haigh, also known, as Dr. Cocktail, is a renowned and influential cocktail historian. He has been researching the cocktail since the 1980s, but made his premier as a true cocktail historian and Dr....>> More

MP3 Available!Ted Hall (2/14/2005): Long Meadow Ranch produces world class red wine, olive oil, grass fed beef and organic vegetables using simple sustainable farming methods. The Hall family has re-established vineyards first planted i....>> More

MP3 Available!Ted Lange (8/22/2012): An unexpected pleasure of Tales of The Cocktail 2012 in New Orleans: Francis and Mark met one of the worlds most iconic bartenders. Ted Lange played Isaac on The Love Boat. He was probably the firs....>> More

MP3 Available!Terrance Brennan (9/12/2007): Terrance Brennan is the owner of Picholine on 64th st in New York. He is the Chef-Proprietor of two highly acclaimed restaurants and Artisanal Premium Cheese, Terrance Brennan has established a solid....>> More

MP3 Available!Terrance Brennan (3/14/2008): Terrance Brennan is the Chef-Proprietor of Picholine Restaurant and Artisanal Bistro and Wine Bar, two highly acclaimed restaurants in New York City, and the founder of Artisanal Premium Cheese, a who....>> More

MP3 Available!Terry Theise (1/25/2011): Cat food on the cover of the New York Times? Mark and Francis discuss the recent pet-centric articles in the food section of the New York Times, as well as the upcoming Manhattan Cocktail Classic. T....>> More

MP3 Available!The Last Call-In Show (8/7/2008): The Guys take calls on the last regular weekday show on WCTC-AM. They are taking it a bit easy for the summer and producing one show a week. They will ramp up production again in the fall. On this....>> More

The Obesity Debate (8/12/2005): The guys talk with Paul Campos, professor of law at the University of Colorado and a nationally recognized expert on America's war on fat. In his book "The Diet Myth" Campos argues that ....>> More

MP3 Available!Thomas Keller (6/28/2006): Thomas Keller is the internationally renowned chef/owner of The French Laundry in Yountville, CA, Per Se in New York, and Bouchon in both California and Las Vegas. He is the author of several cookboo....>> More

MP3 Available!Thomas Keller (5/13/2009): Thomas Keller is, indisputably, one of the nation's most reputable and recognized chefs and restaurateurs. As owner of the French Laundry in Napa Valley, California and the per se in New York City....>> More

MP3 Available!Tilar Mazzeo (1/7/2009): Tilar J. Mazzeo is the author of The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman Who Ruled It (Collins 2008) and of the forthcoming guides to the Back-Lane Wineries of Sonoma and Bac....>> More

Tim Olson (5/5/2005): Tim is not nearly as well-known a winemaker as he should be. We have been friends with Tim from about 1999. We have watched him progress from home winemaker to garagiste to small production commercial....>> More

MP3 Available!Tim Olson (4/24/2007): One of The Guys favorite California winemakers, Tim, joins the guys to talk about Pinot Noir and Syrah, the Wine Country and even global warming. You can meet this talented and charming wine-maker on....>> More

MP3 Available!Tim O'Shea (6/13/2007): Tim O'Shea is the co-founder of CleanFish(tm), a company building the US market for artisan fisheries for both wild and cultivated seafood. In the face of large-scale industrial practices that da....>> More

MP3 Available!Time Out New York (10/4/2006): Time Out New York (TONY) will host Eat Out 06, its fourth annual eating and drinking celebration on October 10th at Tribeca's chic Skylight Studio. The evening will highlight TONYs Eat Out section....>> More

Tipping (8/3/2005): Professor Wm. Michael Lynn of Cornell University is an expert on tipping. He joined The Guys to discuss regional and international differences in tipping customs. Different countries have different ti....>> More

MP3 Available!Todd Lefkovic (7/19/2007): Todd Lefkovic is the owner of the Foods of New York Tours. He started the Village Walking and Tasting Tour eighteen years ago to let people know about good, affordable restaurants in the area. Expandi....>> More

MP3 Available!Todd Stein (1/26/2007): Todd Stein is the executive Chef at MK in Chicago. In Cleveland he opened and developed three of its most successful restaurants: Piccolo Mondo, Sans Souci and Vivo. His work and the resulting buzz ea....>> More

Todd Wickstrom (5/10/2005): Todd is prominent in the Slow Food Movement and a self-described culinary activist. He founded Heritage Foods USA to make top notch foods sustainably produced available to everyone. What is good for....>> More

MP3 Available!Todd Wickstrom (11/9/2005): It's time to talk turkey and The Guys have a recommendation for the finest tasting turkeys for your holiday table. Todd Wickstrom of Heritage Foods USA joins The Guys to talk about "Heritage....>> More

MP3 Available!Todd Wickstrom (8/7/2006): Todd Wickstrom founded Heritage Foods with Patrick Martins in 2001, a business dedicated to helping farmers market their artisan foods and providing an alternative to industrial agriculture. Todd is t....>> More

MP3 Available!Tom Colicchio (5/5/2006): Tom Colicchio is co-owner, founder and executive chef of Gramercy Tavern in N.Y. He also owns the Craft restaurants: Craft, Craftbar, 'Wichcraft and Craftsteak with two location in N.Y and Las Veg....>> More

MP3 Available!Tom Colicchio (11/20/2006): Tom Colicchio is a highly renowned and respected chef. He is co-founder and former executive chef of the Gramercy Tavern in N.Y. He is also the owner and founder of the Craft restaurants: Craftbar, Wi....>> More

MP3 Available!Tom Philpott (10/19/2007): This year, the nation is slated to get a brand new Farm Bill, and of course, not everyone is championing the government's various proposals. The Dept. of Agriculture introduced the 180-plus page ....>> More

MP3 Available!Tom Valenti (8/3/2007): The Guys welcome Tom Valenti to the show. Tom is chef/owner of Restaurant Ouest on The Upper West Side of Manhattan and has been one of the most important chefs in New York for a generation. His foo....>> More

Tom Weatherly (1/11/2006): People in New Orleans like to do two things: eat and talk about what they eat. Restaurants are in integral party of New Orleans and their comeback is key to the rebuilding of the city. The Guys welcom....>> More

MP3 Available!Tony Abou Ganim (4/21/2010): Tony Abou Ganim joins us today to discuss his new book, The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails. Tony Abou Ganim created the cocktail program at the Bellagio Resort. He is also the Nat....>> More

MP3 Available!Tony Soter (6/1/2007): Tony Soter is one of the most talented and influential wine makers in the world. Tony's fascination with the process of grape growing and wine making began when he first came to Napa Valley in 197....>> More

MP3 Available!Top Chef Hung Huynh (10/10/2007): Hung Huynh works as the Executive Sous Chef at one of the most expensive restaurants in Las Vegas, Guy Savoy. Born in Vietnam and trained in classic French and Asian cuisine, Hung Huynh believes in co....>> More

MP3 Available!Traci Des Jardins (12/1/2007): The news season of Food Network's "The Next Iron Chef" brings together eight of the nation's best chefs. These aren't "up and comers." They are established masters of....>> More

MP3 Available!Tracie McMillan (4/18/2012): Mark and Francis discuss how summer camps are different from when they were kids. Their guest is Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebees, Farm Fields, ....>> More

MP3 Available!Trevor Corson (7/28/2006): Trevor Corson has written articles for Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe. His work as a lobsterman and his subsequent research on the science of lobsters led to a feature art....>> More

MP3 Available!Trevor Corson (6/19/2007): Trevor Corson has written articles for Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe. His work as a lobsterman and his subsequent research on the science of lobsters led to a feature art....>> More

Trout (8/5/2005): Agust Gudmundsson, President of the New Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited talks about the benefits of stocking trout. Some people think that stocking trout is not a good idea - that it squeezes out th....>> More

MP3 Available!TV Food Network Names Stage Left "Best Burger in New Jersey" / Nina Planck Returns (5/29/2009): Food Network Magazine determined the best burger in every state of The Union. The winner for NJ: Stage Left, of course. So now The Food Network and NY Magazine have joined the chorus who recognize o....>> More

Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese (6/23/2005): The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese (VIAC) at the University of Vermont is the country's first comprehensive center devoted to artisan cheese. Director Jeffrey Roberts talks to Mark and Franc....>> More

MP3 Available!Vickie Smith (3/4/2008): Vickie Smith is the webmistress of, a frontrunner on the Internet for pressure-cooking websites. Since April 2001 her site has seen over two million visitors, and in January of this....>> More

MP3 Available!Vinitaly Wine Conference-- DeGrazia, Skurnik & Vanucci (7/7/2010): Mark and Francis travel to the Vinitaly wine conference in Verona Italy, one of the most important wine conferences in the world, and interview some very important people from each link of the chain t....>> More

MP3 Available!Vino-Loc and Skylark Diner (4/27/2006): Recently The Guys came across a new kind of wine closure on a favorite wine. The Vino-Loc closure is a glass stopper with a tiny "o" ring that seals a bottle of wine elegantly, without the ....>> More

MP3 Available!Walter Scheib (2/13/2007): As Executive Chef at the White House, Chef Scheib's duties include managing and preparing all menus and meals for the First Family and their private entertaining, as well as official and state fun....>> More

MP3 Available!Warren Belasco (1/24/2007): Warren Belasco, Professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, is author of Appetite for Change: How the Counterculture Took on the Food Industry and Americans on the Ro....>> More

MP3 Available!Wayne Curtis (8/9/2007): Wayne Curtis is a contributing editor to Preservation magazine, and his stories on travel, architecture, and history have appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, The American Scholar, an....>> More

MP3 Available!Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch; Truffle Season (2/16/2007): It is white truffle season. We love these delicious (and pricey) morsels (sold by the gram). There are a number of places in New York where you can enjoy them: Sapori d'Ischia (55-15 37th Ave., a....>> More

MP3 Available!Wes Brustad (12/12/2007): Wes Brustad President and CEO of the State Theatre located in the heart of New Brunswick is here today to talk about some very exciting holiday events coming up in the next few days and weeks.....>> More

MP3 Available!Wild American Shrimp (12/13/2005): Mark and Francis talk to Kim Chauvin, a third generation shrimper from Louisiana. She and her husband Chuck own and operate the Mariah Jade Shrimp Company. They have just received the first ever "....>> More

MP3 Available!Will Allen (4/9/2008): Will Allen has been described as a visionary in organic farming. Allen co-manages the organic Cedar Circle Farm in Vermont and is the author of The War on Bugs, an expose on the fertilizer and pestici....>> More

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