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“I’ve told so many people that [Restaurant Guys Radio] is basically Car Talk for Food, and I mean that in the most positive way. I don’t know how often you guys listen to Car Talk but that’s quite a compliment.” >> Listen: hi | lo

--Charlie Trotter

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Oscar Schofield

Associate Professor, Rutgers University

The Guys started the show by talking about canned tuna. Not the starkist "5 pack bags" (one for every day of the week -- if you are fasting on weekends) but rather delicious Ventresca Tuna, made from the under belly of the tuna. This canned delicacy is popular in Italy and Spain.

The Guys also welcome Oscar Schofield, Associate Professor of Marine Biology at Rutgers University to talk about the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the fishing industry and the gulf coast environment. The Gulf Region which supplies 25% of the nation's seafood, lost 40% of its fishing boats and suffered an estimated $2.6 billion loss. Oscar spoke of the devastation to much of the seafood and fish in the area, especially in Lake Pontchartrain. The Guys also discussed the "Mississippi Plume of Death".

Podcast Date: 11/7/2005

The Restaurant Guys

Who Are The Restaurant Guys? Every week, Francis Schott and Mark Pascal host the Restaurant Guys, a show that's as informative as it is fun. Francis and Mark own Stage Left Restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick's theatre district, and, along with their expertise in a wide range of fine dining and wine matters, they bring to the table humor and intelligent conversation, perfect for the midday listener. The show includes discussions and interviews with famous chefs, restaurateurs, wine and food writers, critics; and the Guys even give stuff away occasionally.