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Mercury in Fish: Oceana vs. Fishscam

Recently we've seen a lot of news about the reports from the EPA warning of high levels of contamination in fish and warnings of the FDA that pregnant women and children especially should limit their consumption of most fish and keep fish like tuna down to 6 oz per week. According to some these warnings are a clarion bell, warning us of the consequences of our actions. There are some groups that say these warnings are nonsense and a result of a concerted effort of 'Fear Mongering' by certain groups that have hidden agendas.

This is a controversial issue with a lot seemingly at stake and what is the average consumer to think. Who is right? Well rather than have get your information from a 30 second commercial on either side. We decided to invite a couple of people who know a lot more about the topic than we do.

Jacki Savitz is with Oceana, an environmental advocacy organization. She is the director of their Seafood Contamination Campaign. And she says the FDA warnings are cause for legitimate concern. Their website is

David Martosko is with The Center for Consumer Freedom, run by lobbyist Rick Berman of Berman and Company. CCF runs the website which disputes the findings. He is CCF's director of research. His position is the warnings and advocacy surrounding them are hogwash: the result of fear-mongering by groups with hidden agendas.

Podcast Date: 1/27/2006

The Restaurant Guys

Who Are The Restaurant Guys? Every week, Francis Schott and Mark Pascal host the Restaurant Guys, a show that's as informative as it is fun. Francis and Mark own Stage Left Restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick's theatre district, and, along with their expertise in a wide range of fine dining and wine matters, they bring to the table humor and intelligent conversation, perfect for the midday listener. The show includes discussions and interviews with famous chefs, restaurateurs, wine and food writers, critics; and the Guys even give stuff away occasionally.