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A Restaurant Guy

“I’ve told so many people that [Restaurant Guys Radio] is basically Car Talk for Food, and I mean that in the most positive way. I don’t know how often you guys listen to Car Talk but that’s quite a compliment.” >> Listen: hi | lo

--Charlie Trotter

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Stage Left
Catherine Lombardi
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Glenn Roberts

Owner Anson Mills and Carolina Gold Rice Foundation

Anson Mills preserves, grows and mills antebellum varieties of corn, wheat, masa and rice into old fashioned hand-cleaned grits, polenta, wheat flour and other products. The quality of the products is unbelievable in its taste and purity and richness. North Carolina Sweet Yellow and Kentucky Mountain Sweet White Mill Corns are not easy to find and inimitable in flavor and texture. The milling processes also yield unique texture. Glenn joins us for a lively discussion of Southern American agriculture, old seed stocks and old methods of production. This is all in pursuit of deliciousness.

Podcast Date: 4/6/2005

The Restaurant Guys

Who Are The Restaurant Guys? Every week, Francis Schott and Mark Pascal host the Restaurant Guys, a show that's as informative as it is fun. Francis and Mark own Stage Left Restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick's theatre district, and, along with their expertise in a wide range of fine dining and wine matters, they bring to the table humor and intelligent conversation, perfect for the midday listener. The show includes discussions and interviews with famous chefs, restaurateurs, wine and food writers, critics; and the Guys even give stuff away occasionally.