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“I’ve told so many people that [Restaurant Guys Radio] is basically Car Talk for Food, and I mean that in the most positive way. I don’t know how often you guys listen to Car Talk but that’s quite a compliment.” >> Listen: hi | lo

--Charlie Trotter

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Lies, Damned Lies, and

While The Guys are all for truth in labeling, a lawsuit has been filed against the dairy industry, in which the complainants want milk to have a warning label that states milk may be hazardous to people who are lactose intolerant. This is just stupid. Note to public: If you are lactose intolerant do not drink milk. (Further note: rain may cause wetness!)

On precisely the opposite side of the coin, a slimy bunch of corporate toadies are operating the website as a terrible assault on actual truth in labeling. This site masquerades as a consumer advocacy group but it is nothing less than a bunch of misleading attacks on consumers. Try to get in touch with one of the site's creators. Go ahead, try. We tried to get in touch with one of the "consumer advocates" responsible for the site. Hard to do. We were unsuccessful. Real consumer advocates rarely play hide and seek.

This website really wants to prevent farmers who grow organic products, or limit pesticide use, or refrain from using artificial growth hormones, from telling you about it. They say it's misleading for producers to label their product "free of synthetic hormones." Why? Because "all milk has hormones." Do they think we are that stupid? Evidently they do.

So here's what we recommend: use their site against them. Go to the dairies they target with their smear, and support those dairies, buy their products, send them letters of support. Keep your feet planted firmly in the "reality based community." Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Be smart. Do good. Eat well.

Podcast Date: 10/17/2005

The Restaurant Guys

Who Are The Restaurant Guys? Every week, Francis Schott and Mark Pascal host the Restaurant Guys, a show that's as informative as it is fun. Francis and Mark own Stage Left Restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick's theatre district, and, along with their expertise in a wide range of fine dining and wine matters, they bring to the table humor and intelligent conversation, perfect for the midday listener. The show includes discussions and interviews with famous chefs, restaurateurs, wine and food writers, critics; and the Guys even give stuff away occasionally.